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Hearthstone: Top Streamers' Whispers of the Old Gods Round Ups

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With so many reveals and nerfs in the last few days, the amount of content produced by top players has predictably been pretty overwhelming. This article aims to highlight some of that content produced in the last week.

Many of the streamers listed below have done previous versions, and also many streamers did reviews before the final reveal. For the purposes of this round up, I have concentrated only on the reviews done since the nerfs and full set reveal took place.

- Kripp's final review is the last of many that he has done for this set. It covers only the cards he considers to be the best, and is only eighteen minutes long.

- Lifecoach's reaction to the nerfs is pretty spectacular. He is as animated as always and largely unimpressed.

- Kibler's Part 7 covers some of the cards revealed last week. There is a part still to come, but it will not be in time for this article.

- Thijhs split his monster final review into three parts. There is two hours of footage in total, as he gives a very in depth discussion. Part 1,  Part 2,  Part 3.

- Rdu's discussion is also very detailed, although it pales compared to Thij's review at a mere fifty minutes.

- Elky and Purple take a more chatty approach for their review. If you don't want quite as much detail, and a more digestible format, this might be the one for you.

- Frodan's review is split into four parts, and is the longest one in this list at over two and a half hours. NeutralsDruid, Hunter, MagePaladin, Priest, RogueShaman, Warlock, Warrior.

- Hafu's review is done from an Arena standpoint. It is another detailed review, and the best Arena one out there.

There is a huge amount of footage there, and a lot of predictions. It will be interesting to look back and see who got it right and wrong this time around.
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