Hearthstone: Sjow Sets Early Pace on NA and EU Servers

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Although it is early in the season, Sjow has managed to take Rank one Legend on both the Americas and European servers. He didn't quite hold them both at the same time though, as he fell to second place on NA while taking the EU lead.

Sjow has played several decks this season. He made Legend with C'Thun Warrior on one server and Tempo Mage on the other. Sjow has long been known for his Warrior play, and the deck he used to take the ladder lead with was a variant on Boar Control's Tempo Warrior list.

The climb from second place to first on EU involved a remarkable run. At one point he was 9-1 without taking the top position. In the end it took an 18-5 record to claim it, which will stand him in good stead to be in the top two for a long time to come.

Unfortunately, in the four hours it took him to achieve this, someone had overtaken him on the Americas server. He played a few games to try to regain his lead, but called it a night in fourth place. He will no doubt be trying to get top on both servers at the same time on future streams!


The VOD of his run to the top on Europe can be seen here.

Sottle's guide to Tempo Warrior is available here.

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