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Hearthstone: European Preliminary Account Ruling Causes Chaos

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With a little over a week before the Europe Preliminary, several long standing players have had a frustrating 24 hours. The players concerned were surprised when they were told they would have to play on the same Battletag with which they earned their qualifying points. While this seems like a straightforward enough rule, it actually is not.

The problem is that in Hearthstone Beta, there was no way to use your one Battletag on each region. This meant that players who wanted to play on two regions had to set up a new account. Many players in the Europe region have earned their HCT points on Americas, where there is a smaller pool of players. The rules state that you qualify for the region where you live, not where you qualified. This meant that players who had legitimately set up two accounts were going to be unable to play without adding money into a third one  - the partner account to the NA account where they qualified.
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After a few hours, Blizzard made a sensible decision and allowed players to use their old accounts for this one season only. This will give players three months to build a new collection for the Summer Preliminaries. For some however, the decision was still too slow.

The Europe Spring Preliminary will take place on May 13-15. You can watch it on PlayHearthstone's Twitch channel, and our very own Sottle will be one of the casters.

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My question is, they let you merge World of Warcraft accounts under one battletag...why not Hearthstone?  And why is this stuff always coming up within days of the event?  Blizz really needs to up their communication game.  

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