Hearthstone: Europe Spring Preliminary Update

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In the European Winter Prelinary, we reported that the first day was a bad one for the notable players. This time around, they are having a far better time of it.

The format is double elimination, rather than Swiss, which means that winning in the early rounds is crucial. If you lose in round one in double elimination with 128 players, you have to fight through nine more rounds to reach the top eight. The winners only have to go through six more (so seven wins if you count the one they just won). While that is not ideal in some regards, it is much easier for scheduling.

As with the previous preliminary, there were many notable first round casualties. This time around however, those who survived the early rounds have carried on doing well. Crane, Loyan, Thijs, and AKA Wonder are all just one win away from qualifying for the Europe Spring Championship next month. There are a lot of players left in the lower bracket, but among those needing three wins to qualify are Ostkaka, Faramir, Sjow, Nicslay, StanCifka, and Cipher. The full bracket can be found here.

Today's broadcast starts at 2pm CEST on PlayHearthstone's Twitch channel. At the end of the day we will know which players have made it through.

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