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Basic Information About Legion!

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In order to keep everything in a simple, easy to find format, I've put together all the information that we currently have about the Legion release. Check it all out below:

  • Legion is due to release on 30th August, 2016.
  • It will introduce a new continent, the Broken Isles, which will feature the follow zones: The Broken Shore, Val'sharah, Stormheim, Azsuna, Highmountain, Suramar and Thal'Dranath.
    • The Broken Shore is where the Tomb of Sargeras is found, as well as the location of the battle from the cinematic trailer and many artifact quests.
    • Val'sharah is where Malfurion first studied under his mentor, Cenarius. The first druids attempted to make it in the image of the Emerald Dream.
    • Stormheim has been made into a home for the vrykul that left Northrend years ago. They have settled into the land where two Titan keepers fought for control.
    • Azsuna contains the ruins of the elven city, previously destroyed by the Sundering. Wandering around the zone you will find the ghosts of the old inhabitants, as well as the remnants of the blue dragonflight.
    • Highmountain was once a home for the tauren descendants of the great warrior, Huln Highmountain from the War of the Ancients. When the Legion invaded, the drogbar, who previously lived in harmony with them, stole the sacred artifact of the tauren. They are now at war and the tauren risk being completely dominated.
    • Suramar was once a hugely important night-elven settlement, but has since been taken over by the Nightborne, a race of elven-esque creatures whose leader seeks an alliance with the Legion.
    • Thal'Dranath has no information on it yet, given that it is intended to be released in a later patch after release.
  • A new class will be introduced, the Demon Hunter
    • They will start at level 98 and will go through a starting zone in a similar fashion to that of the Death Knights.
    • They will have talents up to level 110, unlike other classes.
  • Each specialisation will obtain an artifact weapon.
    • These are important weapons of lore that are imbued with huge amounts of power to help fight the Legion.
    • You can read up on the lore behind every weapon in my artifact series, as well as interview with Nobbel87 about the artifact lore.
    • You will obtain your artifact through the class order halls.
  • The class order halls are essentially lore-focused areas where all members of class, whether Alliance or Horde, will be able to congregate and plan for the battles ahead.
    • The order halls will have missions that you can send followers out on.
    • Unlike garrisons, your followers can die.
    • All the halls are located in class-specific lore locations, such as:
      • Acherus: The Ebon Hold for Death Knights
      • The Fel Hammer for Demon Hunters
      • The Dreamgrove for Druids
      • Trueshot Lodge for Hunters
      • Hall of the Guardian for Mages
      • Temple of Five Dawns for Monks
      • Sanctum of Light for Paladins
      • Netherlight Temple for Priests
      • Hall of Shadows for Rogues
      • Heart of Azeroth for Shamans
      • Dreadscar Rift for Warlocks
      • Skyhold for Warriors
    • You read more about the locations in this summary.
  • There is a brand new wardrobe system being implemented instead of the current system of transmogrification.
    • This will include account-wide transmogrification, similar to that of Diablo 3.
    • You can save outfits that you use often.
  • There is a new PvP system that will grant rewards based on participation in PvP.
    • By taking part in PvP, you will gain Honor levels.
    • These will allow you to gain special PvP talents, including a talent that allows you to gain a PvP trinket.
    • These can only be earnt at level 110.

This should help to answer some of the more basic Legion questions that you guys might have. Feel free to ask if you have more in-depth ones!

If you want to pre-order Legion or opt into the beta, you can do it all here (EU). If you're in the US, do it here.

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10 hours ago, hoodedfigure said:

Did they say when there gonna release patch 7.0.3 patch on to live ? 

In the Q&A, Watcher said they don't want to give a specific date. There are certain small details they need to fix and they don't want to give us a date and then not meet it. It will most likely be mid-late next month.

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My brother is interested in playing World of Warcraft: Legion. This is the sixth expansion set in the massively multiplayer online role-playing game. He is going to buy this game from Instant Gaming store. I just do not want to misguide him about this game. So, thank you for the basic information you have mentioned about the Legion.

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