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The Artifact Series Finale is here, featuring an artifact interview with Nobbel87!


The Artifact Series Finale has arrived with the Mages, as well as an interview on artifacts with the Loremaster himself: Nobbel87!

It's been a long journey, but here we are, at the final edition of the Artifact Series! In case you've missed any of the previous posts, you can check them out here:

Before we get started on the final installment of the series, we've got a very special treat for you all. We managed to sit down with Nobbel87 and ask him a few questions concerning the artifacts and his opinions. Take a look!


B: What's your overall opinion of the artifacts so far? 


N: Overall, I'm excited for the artifacts and the possibilities they offer. If done right, the progression system could offer a nice addition to the system that we are familiar with. My hope is that the current system that we see in Alpha is not finished yet and that they'll add additional ways of obtaining artifacts points; this includes the Brawler's Guild, pet battles, achievements etc. We also don't know how all the different skins are going to be unlocked so I hope that those things are going to be a lot of fun and offer some additional content.


B: Do you think it was right to introduce the artifacts or should they have stayed out of the player's hands?


N: It personally feels weird to be placed in such a high position within the game. You are the Highlord or Shan'do and you will lead all the established characters of your class to victory. Well, you and every other player of your class in the game. Some say that it is only natural progression and that it's fun to be the centre of attention, but I personally liked the status of the unmentioned adventurer. This comes down to personal taste though.


(Comment from B: Nobbel continues to discuss this idea in his Doomhammer artifact video, with examples included from an actual questline. I'd recommend checking it out.)


B: Are there any artifacts that you thought, on a purely lore and visual basis, weren't good enough? 


N: I don't have a single artifact which doesn't feel good enough. I've heard feedback from Warriors that they would have loved to get their hands on Broxigar's axe. I personally felt like the Fist of Ra'den could have just as easily been used for the monks, but overall I'm happy with the artifacts they have picked. Some come from established characters and positions within the lore, while others are new and add to the existing lore.


B: Favourite artifact? Why?


N: Ashbringer, because it's the one that I will be running around with. Icebringer and Frostreaper (Frost DK) had the best lore moments for me. You can't go wrong with the Lich King and I really enjoyed going through the Fist of Ra-Den questline. I enjoy playing Heroes of the Storm and the references gave me a lot of fun while playing.


(Comment from B: The references include things like Li Li Stormstout casting Healing Brew, Chen Stormstout rolling around in a keg. There are definitely flashbacks to be had here if you played a squishy ranged!)


B: From a story point of view, do you see any way for Blizzard to remove the artifacts at the end of Legion, without ruining it?


N: This is asked all the time and is very difficult to answer. I don't think Blizzard themselves have a clear answer for it. They mentioned an idea in the direction of placing it on a mantle piece to display your past deeds, but I'm not sure if weapons like the Doomhammer or Ashbringer belong there. I've thought about this question a fair few times and its very hard to give a good solution.


You could have an event at the end of the expansion where everyone's weapon is dragged into the twisting nether, but that would leave you empty handed after defeating the final boss. 


You could reverse time and make a doomsday scenario where the only possible way of salvation is to go back and prevent Legion from ever happening. This feels like a cheap answer though.


You could simply keep the artifact system going into the next expansion, but I wonder if players would enjoy going through the same level-up system again.


Realistically, I think the simple answer would be us stepping down from whatever position was given to us in the next expansion, turn the weapon over to its previous owner or hang it up within the order hall. We can then leave it behind and go and find new adventures. Who knows!


B: Do you think Blizzard pushing Warriors towards "Vrykul" lore is an indication that we might be re-visiting Northrend with them in future expansions?


N: It's always very hard to predict the future since anything is possible, but I personally don't see a reason why the current Vrykul lore would push us back into Northrend. These Vrykul have left Northrend thousands of years ago in search for their holy land, so they're pretty disconnected from the events of Wrath of the Lich King. Like I said, anything is possible though.


(Comment from B: For those of you that don't understand this question, it relates to the idea that there is no longer a Vrykul leader in Northrend, since we killed King Ymiron in Wrath. Also, I'm just praying for a Yogg-Saron return and this would be the perfect way to get us back there!)


That's it for our interview with Nobbel, but it has indeed been an insightful one! We'd like to issue our thanks to him and hope you all enjoyed seeing his opinions and ideas. If you want to check out more Nobbel, make sure you find him on his various channels here:







Now that we've had a chat with the Loremaster, let's hope we can do him proud with some proper lore discussion! Here are the specialisations of the Mage:

  • Arcane channels immense levels of power into direct attacks of pure arcane energy.
  • Fire focuses on the destructive nature of forging balls of fire and flame.
  • Frost aims to drain the heat from the body of their opponent, freezing them in their path and then shattering the ice with their magic.

Arcane Mage - Aluneth, Greatstaff of the Magna


My excitement is beyond compare for what's to come, so let's check out the story:


"Aluneth was most notably wielded for a time by Aegwynn, the only female Guardian of Tirisfal, although stories indicate that it is far older than she. She is said to have found the staff roughly a century after she took up the mantle of Guardian, and to have wielded Aluneth in many battles against the Burning Legion. Several years before relinquishing her title, she retired the staff, but none know where she might have stored it." (source)




That's right, this artifact was wielded by arguably one of the most powerful Mages to have ever lived on Azeroth. Magna Aegwynn, the only female Guardian in history, was trained in magic by another Guardian, Magna Scavell. She was trained alongside four male apprentices, but she did not let their jibes get in her way. They constantly mocked her, saying she could not become a wizard, but she proved them wrong.


Within a year of beginning training, Aegwynn had mastered the entire incantations of the Night Elf Meitre. In the past, humans didn't even attempt to cast these incantations before they had fully finished their training. The information was deemed so imposing that it was hidden from apprentices in Dalaran and Silvermoon until they were seen to be ready.


This was the feat that led to her being chosen as the Guardian after Scavell. Despite complaints from the male apprentices, the position of Guardian had no room for choice based on race or gender, only raw ability, and Aegwynn was by far the best. After gaining her powers, it seemed as though Aegwynn was going to be plagued by controversy no matter where she went.


Her first task sent her to remove a demon by the name of Zmodlor, who was possessing the children of a schoolhouse in Jortas, in the hopes of gaining further power by sacrificing them. Aegwynn rushed to the schoolhouse and banished the demon straight back to the nether, hoping to avoid any further pain being inflicted on the children.


She succeeded, but the Council were unhappy. A gnome, Erbag, and a High Elf, Relfthra, chided her for acting rashly. They believed she should have first surveyed the situation, ensuring the demon did not have a greater plan that he was working with to inflict more widespread damage. Aegwynn defended herself, believing it was better to ensure the children quickly lest they suffer further.




Aegwynn as the Guardian of Tirisfal.


500 years passed and Aegwynn still stood as the Guardian of Tirisfal, ensuring that the Council's will was fulfilled and Azeroth was kept safe. It was at this time that arguably the greatest, and worst, moment of Aegwynn's life happened. On a routine trip to Northrend to vanquish a group of hunting demons, Aegwynn encountered an avatar of Sargeras himself. With the aid of the dragonflights, Aegwynn defeated Sargeras and buried his physical form near the Maelstrom, in the Tomb of Sargeras. Little did she know, she had started a trail of events that would change Azeroth forever.


After vanquishing the Dark Titan, Aegwynn, by her own words, grew extremely arrogant. She became distant from the Council, seeing herself as the ultimate power after finally dealing with Sargeras. She believed that she should be the one to choose the next Guardian, not the Council.


In order to do this, she needed to have a child. Aegwynn decided to choose the father of child based on their magical prowess, rather than any true feelings for the individual. She ended up deciding upon Nielas Aran, a conjurer of Stormwind and Archmage of the Kirin Tor. 


That year, Aegwynn gave birth to her son: Medivh. His name is from the Elven language, meaning Keeper of Secrets. She left the child with his father, instilling within him the knowledge of her powers and the powers of Tirisfal. When Medivh reached maturity, the power was too great for him. The power exploded from his body, completely uncontrolled, and ended up killing Nielas and forcing Medivh into a coma.


Medivh stayed in his coma for twenty years, but eventually woke up in Northshire. He assured those around him that he was fully in control, but Aegwynn wasn't convinced. She was forced to watch as Medivh brought the orcs to Azeroth by communicating with Gul'dan. 


She eventually confronted him, demanding that he return to using his powers to fulfill his duties as Guardian. Medivh refused and Aegwynn attempted to force him through magic. Medivh easily overpowered her as he possessed the powers of Tirisfal and revealed to her what had happened. When Aegwynn battle Sargeras, she had vanquished his physical form, but his essence fused itself with her body.


When she got pregnant, Sargeras merged himself with the unborn child Medivh. This meant that when Medivh came into his powers, he would also become his true demonic form. After telling her, Medivh attempted to kill Aegwynn, but she used her magic to teleport away.


She demanded an audience with King Llane, a childhood friend of Medivh. She warned him that Medivh was the one that had caused the orcish invasion and that he had to be dealt with.




Medivh was eventually killed by Khadgar, Anduin Lothar and Garona.


Aegwynn left Stormwind and used her remaining magic to teleport across the world to Mulgore. She wanted to live in solitude near Ratchet, but she still found some power within her. She saved up this power over 21 years and used it to bring Medivh back to life. 


It nearly killed her, but Medivh disappeared shortly after returning. She was severely weakened after using her power, so she decided to finally live out her years. This was once again disrupted, this time by Jaina Proudmoore. Jaina sought her help in dealing with a herd of thunder lizards that needed relocating. It irritated Aegwynn that Jaina constantly referred to her as Magna, since Aegwynn had left that life behind her.


"Don't go calling me 'Magna'. That was another time and another place, and I'm not that woman anymore." (Aegwynn)


They quickly found that they were sealed within Aegwynn's house by some form of demonic magic. They discovered that it was from Zmodlor, one of the first mages Aegwynn banished. He was attempting to create a war between Durotar and Theramore, but they confronted him in battle. Without her Guardian powers, Aegwynn had little to give to the battle. Jaina was incapacitated by Warlocks and the battle seemed lost. Aegwynn contributed the last thing she had to help Jaina, the magical power of her life.


Aegwynn came extremely close to death, but the inherent powers of being a Guardian previously saved her. She became Jaina's advisor, but refused to allow anyone to know who she really was. Aegwynn's story was expanded upon in the World of Warcraft comic, where she helps Jaina in recovering Varian's memory after his separation caused by Onyxia and helps Valeera Sanguinar with her magic addiction.


In the comics, we also see Aegwynn present when Garona attempts to kill Varian, After the attempt, she catches a glimpse of Med'an, Garona's son, and realises he bears a striking resemblance to Medivh. Despite finally discovering that Med'an is her grandson, she is adamant that nobody must know in case it puts the child in danger. Aegwynn then goes on to be a part of the founding of the New Council of Tirisfal. According to the comics, she ends up sacrificing herself when the New Council battles Cho'gall. She gifts Med'an the remaining power she has in order to help him defeat the ogre. She ends up being buried in Karazhan, where her son was.


Aegwynn was an unbelievable character in lore and started the long strain of events that led to the world being as it is today. The length of the lore behind this character is, without a doubt, testament to the impact she made. Her powers were exceptional, even before becoming the Guardian, and to wield her weapon is a truly special thing for the Mages of Azeroth. I can't be happier with the way they've introduced this weapon and I can't think of a Mage I would have preferred to have the weapon of. 


Fire Mage - Felo'melorn


If there was ever a sword to match the Fire Mage, this might just be it! Let's check out the story:


""Flamestrike" in its native tongue, Felo'melorn was borne into battle by members of the Sunstrider family as they proved their valor in the War of the Ancients, during the Troll Wars, and against the death knight Arthas Menethil. After it was destroyed, Prince Kael’thas Sunstrider reforged the sword to be even stronger and used it against the Lich King, trading several blows with the demonic runeblade Frostmourne. Ultimately Kael’thas was forced to retreat, and the sword was lost in the frigid wastes of Northrend." (source)




This sword has been present in lore for over 10,000 years, but one of the first wielders was Dath'Remar Sunstrider. For those of you who don't know who he is, he led the Highborne after the War of the Ancients. He was once a servant of Azshara, as all the Highborne were, even being offered by Xavius to be turned into a satyr. He was unlike the others, instead attempting to slow the process of summoning the Legion.


It eventually found its way into the hands of Dath'Remar's great-grandson, Anasterian Sunstrider. Anasterian was present during the Third War when Arthas marched on Quel'Thalas with the Scourge. Arthas attempted to break through the gates, but the high elf Sylvanas Windrunner and her band of defenders quickly became a nuisance. Arthas continued through every obstacle that Sylvanas left for him and he captured her during a raid on her camp.


Arthas tortured the Ranger-General and forced her into his submission as the first banshee. He continued on to the capital city of Silvermoon and slaughtered every high elf in sight. One of the high elves killed was Anasterian, but he didn't go down without a fight. When Arthas arrived at the city, Anasterian stood with his people, but he was no match for the relentless scourge. He fought Arthas valiantly, even wounding his horse, Invincible. Eventually, Anasterian fell to Frostmourne, Arthas' blade, and Felo'melorn was shattered. 


At the time of the invasion, Anasterian's son, Kael'thas, was studying in Dalaran. He rushed back to his homeland and attempted to help, hoping to evacuate as many survivors as he possibly could. He took control of the remaining forces and renamed his race the blood elves in remembrance of his kin. 


He recovered the skull of his father and the shattered blade of Felo'melorn; he used his own power to reforge the blade and sought vengeance on Arthas for the destruction of Quel'Thalas. He had to ensure his people's safety first, so he created camps within Silverpine Forest for the blood elves to live in. The undead around the area, however, began to act strangely. Kael'thas gathered his forces and attempted to move them to the other side of the river to safety. He eventually encounters Maeiv Shadowsong and Tyrande, venturing with them on a quest to find Illidan. Their common enemy unites Kael'thas and Illidan in order to stop Arthas.




Kael'thas pledged himself to Illidan in order to hunt Arthas, alongside Lady Vashj.


The lore of the blade continues after Kael'thas returns to Northrend. As soon as his forces land, they are met by the Nerubian forces commanded by Anub'arak. The forces kept Anub'arak at bay until Arthas arrived. Kael'thas had known Arthas before he became the Lich King, having met him as a friend of Jaina in Dalaran. Kael'thas warned Arthas that the forces of Illidan were moving to the Frozen Throne in order to destroy it and that he would never reach it in time. 


Arthas moved through the tunnels of the Nerubian empire in an attempt to get there quickly, but he was confronted with the full might of Illidan's forces. Kael'thas, Lady Vashj, the naga queen, and Illidan stood between Arthas and the Frozen Throne. Arthas' forces were slowly winning the battle, but the war was decided between Illidan and Arthas. Arthas defeated Illidan and tossed his body aside in view of his forces. Kael'thas and Vashj retrieved their leaders body and retreated swiftly to Outland.


It looks like the weapon is lost during the retreat from Northrend, to be found by the Mages in the artifact questline. The sword itself has seen an incredible amount of bloodshed through the years and has been used by some incredible people, but I do think its slightly race-biased. Kael'thas, while he does pledge himself to Illidan, is devoted to the blood elves. He is first and foremost a blood elf and he always saw the Kirin Tor as a secondary entity compared to his race. 


Let's see if we can find an alternative!


Alternative Artifacts for Fire Mages


Staff of the Dragonheart


The Dragonheart, also known as Draig'cyfail, is a title given to arguably one of the most important Mages to have led the Kirin Tor: Rhonin.


An incredibly powerful human mage, Rhonin has seen some of the most important events in history first-hand, despite not technically being alive at the time. His mentor, Krasus, is also known as Korialstrasz, one of the consorts of Alexstrasza. It was this mentor that summoned him one day to help investigate an anomaly. It was in fact a rift in time which threw them back to the War of the Ancients, along with an orc by the name of Broxigar. 


Rhonin ended up fighting the Legion alongisde the beings of legend, the Ancient Guardians, such as Cenarius, Aviana and Malorne. He even found himself fighting with the four dragonflights and witnessing one of the most horrific acts in the history of the dragons. He watched as Deathwing decimated nearly the whole blue dragonflight, right before Malygos' eyes. He served as Illidan's mentor in an attempt to control the young elf, he served as the leader of the Moonguard when Illidan eventually defected. 


He served as the leader of the Kirin Tor, he stormed the fortress of Grim Batol to save Alexstrasza. He leads the discussions between the Alliance and Horde during our assault on Ulduar. 




Rhonin, as depicted in Hearthstone.


There is a long list of amazing things that Rhonin has done, but even in death he continued. Rhonin's death was caused by his own sacrifice. He chose to save those he loved over himself. When Garrosh dropped the mana bomb on Theramore, Rhonin concentrates his entire magical power on shielding those around him.


He saves his wife, Vereesa Windrunner, the elf general Shandris Feathermoon and the parties they led. Kalecgos, the leader of the blue dragonflight, notes that without Rhonin's input, the bomb would have caused even more devastation.


So, there's no doubt that that Rhonin was an amazing mage, but why would we choose him for Fire?


He fits the bill perfectly, even down to his hair. Rhonin is noted as having flame-orange hair and his personality is that of fire itself: quick to act and reckless, jumping around without any care of what might be on the other side. We also see a hint at the fact that fire is Rhonin's most proficient type of magic, based on his use of it in the Day of the Dragon novel. When Deathwing controls his body, he always uses fire as a method of attacking. Whether this indicates leaning towards fire is not known, but Rhonin does summon a fire spell that easily engulfs a goblin zepplin as well. 


Nevertheless, I feel like Rhonin is a character that deserves to be recognised as a big figure in Mage lore and would loved to have seen him in the artifacts.


Frost Mage - Ebonchill


Interesting. Let's take a look:


"This greatstaff was wielded by Alodi, the first Guardian of Tirisfal. He bore the staff into many battles against Legion forces for the century in which he served as Guardian, then stepped down from the role of Guardian, but he retained the staff to his dying day. Upon his passing, the Kirin Tor stored the staff safely away for fear of what might happen if a lesser mage attempted to wield its power without the ability to control it fully." (source)




I'm extremely torn on this one. On the one hand, I absolutely love it. On the other, I'm not sure it was the right choice. Let's take a look nonetheless. For those of you that don't know, Alodi was the First Guardian to take up the fight against the Legion. He was a half-elf with incredible capabilities when it came to magic. He changed the Council by reforming the way in which they could communicate with the Guardian, through the use of a spell constructed by him and Meryl Winterstorm, now known as Meryl Felstorm. This allowed the Guardian to use the Council's power, while allowing the Council to remain safe.


The first demon that Alodi banished was Karthra'Natir over 3000 years ago. This demon actually made a return, possessing Valeera Sanguinar. Med'an, the son of Medivh, managed to save her, but the dreadlord went after Med'an soon after. Meryl sacrificed himself by taunting the dreadlord and Kathra'Natir was contained within him. It stayed chained to him until Meryl cleansed the Base of Atiesh for Med'an, which ended up granting the demon enough power to break free. He immediately went after the source of Med'an's power, the Council, and killed Dalynnia Wrathscar, one of the members. He drained her power for himself, but was eventually defeated and contained once again in Meryl. Meryl refused to put the Council at risk any longer and exiled himself.


Unfortunately, there is very little known about Alodi. He lived so long ago that he isn't mentioned in-game, but there is lore within some of the comics. He is undoubtedly a powerful basis for the weapon and, as a lore enthusiast, I love that they are looking back at the older Guardians, but I think he was a strange choice. If you compare him to characters such as Thrall and Tirion, he is no doubt just as, if not more, powerful than them, but he doesn't have the same status within the current players of the game. The response to his name is often: Who?


I think there might have been an opportunity missed to clear up a few things in lore and give out a better artifact. Let's take a look.


Alternative Artifacts for Frost Mages


Staff of Antonidas


So this suggestion is going to cover two pretty big lore figures, one of which is much more well known than the other. The first one being covered is, of course, Archmage Antonidas.


Antonidas was the leader of the Kirin Tor during the Third War and was present when Arthas marched on Dalaran. Despite being warned about Arthas by Medivh, Antonidas chose not to believe the disguised magus. Arthas eventually led the Scourge to Dalaran in search of the Book of Medivh, which the lich Kel'Thuzad needed. Antonidas attempted to defend Dalaran with magic, summoning a formidable barrier, but it was not enough to stop the Scourge. Arthas marched through Dalaran into the Violet Citadel, where he was met by Antonidas. He murdered the Archmage and claimed the Book of Medivh.


The staff wielded by Antonidas was passed on to his student upon his death, Jaina Proudmoore. I won't go into a deep discussion of Jaina's story because it's not relevant, but I will discuss why I think Jaina should have either given up the staff or died in Legion.


Blizzard have a certain way of writing lore. There are a number of characters that are given a story arc that is completely different from the character description, but then do nothing with it. Jaina is one of those characters that was written into a corner. If we go back to the Tides of War novel, Jaina sought the help of the Kirin Tor in order to defend Theramore against Garrosh.


Despite being bound by their neutrality from the faction war, the Kirin Tor agreed to send representatives to help. A mage from the Sunreavers, the Horde representatives in the Kirin Tor, was sent by the recommendation of Rhonin. It was soon revealed that Thalen was actually a spy working for Garrosh. He abandoned his post and allowed the forces of Garrosh to pass through undeterred. He even created the mana bomb for Garrosh.




The Sunreavers attempt to defend themselves in the streets of Dalaran.


Theramore was completely decimated by the bomb and Jaina was devastated. Despite adamantly denying any involvement, Jaina persecuted the Sunreavers relentlessly after being elected as the new leader of the Kirin Tor. She imprisoned Aethas Sunreaver, their leader, and removed any Sunreavers from the streets by force. Many were simply civilians living there, but they were rounded up and their belongings were taken from them. Dalaran descended into a war zone as the Sunreavers attempted to defend themselves, but it was to no avail.


This was a pretty intense act by Jaina, but it was completely forgotten in the lore. She negotiated with the blood elves and everything was just removed. Blizzard essentially wrote out one of the biggest things Jaina has ever done, despite attempting to remove half of the Kirin Tor from the city. I personally feel like this basically shouldn't have been ignored. 


There is no chance that Antonidas would have agreed with what Jaina was doing, so how can she still wield the staff? She is misrepresenting everything the Kirin Tor stood for, but she still stood as the leader and wielder of the staff. I think she should have had the staff taken from her when she stepped down as the leader of the Kirin Tor, or she should have been killed in the artifact quest.


Legion is an expansion of big lore deaths and Jaina could easily have been another. Either way, she isn't fit to wield the staff anymore given her actions in Dalaran. 


The End! 


That's the end of our Mage artifacts and the end of the Artifact Series. I'd personally like to thank you all for reading the various articles and I hope you've at least learnt some new lore about the game. Make sure to let us know if there's anything you'd like to add about the series! 


The next series coming to the Icy Veins WoW page from Blainie will be "The Road to 300". We will explore the different ways to achieve 300 mounts in the current patch of WoW, as well as the ways to earn every available mount currently. There will be maps of quickest routes, rankings of the coolest mounts and tips on how to farm quickly.

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This is THE feature i want to experience. Wod cruelly lack lore, and it's awesome to see it coming back, especially class lore.

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this is the most anticipated feature of Legion for me. in addition to the artifacts themselves, I feel that this new mechanic will  bring back some of the uniqueness that has been lost since early expansions.  I can make my Toon mine again without fear of being left out of raid content or whatever.  Bring on the Big sticks Blizz! 

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Personally I really, really disliked the WW artifact weapon. Compared to all the other artifacts ours was pretty lame in comparison, visually. Has it ever been mentioned if we could transmog artifact weapons because I've seen fist weapons (and have them) that look 10x better than the ones we're getting as WW. sad.png


The mage ones however are looking very well done and tbh I'm considering dusting off my mage. I can't really speak for lore since I've never gotten too deep into before though.

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I really looking forward to this. It will make balancing the specs and classes mutch easyer... frost dk has been a problem since ever :D plus they all look amazing and have so mutch options to fit every look. Amazing idea!

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I like how they are giving us weapons that actually look cool, but I'm not sure if giving everyone these rare legendary weapons makes them more or less cool. The customization on the looks cool though.

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Greetings Icy-veins. I'm excited for loads of things, that is true. But to be honest I am kind of scared as well, since there is a lot to be done wrong in this expansion. Artifact weapons truly look good and have some nice traits, but personally i would ask how are we going to develop them in next patches and what will happen to them in the end of Legion.


Also i am excited for the PvE concept. There are 10 dungeons and I've seen few of them in YT previews and such. They look really nice and have really nice design, but what i would be again scared of is the scaling and the difficulty in heroic or challenge modes.


PvP concept is really looking nice with the small amount of information i have, but again, question is, how will the gear, talents and prestige work? I really look forward to it.


And last point: Lore... This is one thing I am really looking forward to and what interests me probably the most. We have a chance to see new and old characters and also we could have a chance to encounter or at least get some more info on Old Gods. Scaling system looks also really amazing. Since I am an alt person, i love to get all classes on max lvl, so this would allow me to progress the Broken Isles in any way i want. But again the negatives... I am really worried about the length (in hours) of each zone in Broken Isles. Some sources say that one zone only takes about one and half hour to complete which is too fast, but that is my personal opinion.


I know this was supposed to be "Why i am hyped for Legion" comment. But I just can't write all positives, without leaving out possible negatives, which are important. To me chance to get into beta of Legion is the chance to test the game and point out the bugs and glitches made in the game and help in one way or another improve the game for normal players, rather then play it as one. I will have a chance to do that when it launches. 

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Have blizzard said anything about these weapons lasting more than just one expansion? If not the next expansion may feel a bit  weird to players - basically replacing a widely known artifact weapon like felo'melorn with something purple and generic - e.g "staff of the greater summoning ritual"


The idea of artifact weapons is cool - and the way they power up looks potentially very interesting - but I am guessing artifacts removes the need for weapons drops in raids (which was always something to look forward to)

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Personally I really, really disliked the WW artifact weapon. Compared to all the other artifacts ours was pretty lame in comparison, visually. Has it ever been mentioned if we could transmog artifact weapons because I've seen fist weapons (and have them) that look 10x better than the ones we're getting as WW. sad.png


The mage ones however are looking very well done and tbh I'm considering dusting off my mage. I can't really speak for lore since I've never gotten too deep into before though.


You can transmog your artifact weapons, but only into normal weapons. I agree that the WW one was a bit of a let down. My suggestion of the Xuen weapons perhaps wasn't perfect, but they could have done something much cooler with it. 


As someone that is considering moving to Mage as well, the lore surrounding Mages is always exciting. As far as characters go, you have: Aegwynn, Medivh, Kirin Tor, Jaina, Kalecgos, Antonidas, the Guardians of Tirisfal... There's a long list of very cool Mage lore.

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I am very excited to see the new artifact weapons. I hope that the quest lines involved feel immersion and very class specific. Class quests were one of my favorite things in Wow before so I would love to see a bit of a return to that. I have been playing Wow for over 10 years now and I can't wait to see what Blizzard has in store next!

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I have played feral for 2,5 years now and i am most looking forward to the Fangs of Ashamane and the new looks! i also like the looks of the new raids/dungs so far and hope for some good world #1 battle!

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    • By Starym
      While we may already have seen some Uldir solo kills, the final boss of the last expansion is still quite a challenge for just one player and there have been a couple of kills recently. As you'd imagine, the Paladin one is by none other than Rextroy in his Protection form, but the first kill was done by FallingDarkness/Shoot:
      As usual, Rextroy has a long explanation accompanying his kill, including the tidbit he was doing 12k DPS during the fight:
      You can also check out our recent interview with Rextroy about his specific tactics, done just before he was unbanned.
    • By Stan
      The latest blue posts roundup includes Ion's stance on World Firsts as some members of the community thought he was contradicting himself after the latest Q&A, the use of third-party platforms for community outreach, and WoW subscriptions.
      Ion's Stance on World Firsts
      Some players misconstrued Ion's statement about World Firsts after the Q&A and Community Manager Ythisens provided details about what he actually meant.
      The World First Race is a community-created thing that became popular. It only affects less than a 0.1% of players and they design encounters to provide best experience, not with the World First Race in mind.
      Blizzard (Source)
      So apparently today Ion said the team loves watching the World First race. 

      But yesterday in the Q&A, Ion said that the dev team doesn't care about the World First race, so if the Battle of Dazar'alor ends up with different final bosses for each faction, it doesn't matter, and it'll be up to players to decide what "World First" actually matters. (And yes, I'm also aware he said that they may end up making it so all the bosses will end up the same order regardless of faction, but they aren't sure yet)

      I don't even care about World First, but isn't that like, seriously contradictory? You either care or you don't care about World First, but apparently Ion both cares and doesn't care about it in a 12 hour time frame of one another???
      We love that the community rallies around World Firsts as this is a community created thing that became so popular, but when he says that we don't care about it he's just saying that we don't design with it in mind. It's a very niche thing as well as a niche type of player. We're talking about a less than .1% of players that even set foot inside the current raid tier at Mythic level that would even be competing for these World Firsts. 

      Like Ion said in the Q&A we design encounters in the way that we feel would be the best experience. We might be wrong sometimes but that's the goal and we try to hit that.
      World of Warcraft Forums
      Blizzard uses third-party platforms to reach out to as many players as possible. Not everybody uses the official forums, some players prefer to use Twitter, Reddit, and other platforms.
      Blizzard (Source)
      Live QnA on Reddit, the Live QnA on twitch. Most the questions being taken from Twitter.
      Can you please stop using these third party platforms for your community outreach? They are failing you. Why? Because they aren't actually the issues players seem to actually care about.
      There is no guarantee on these third parties that the people actually play the game. The forums they need to have an active sub. I have noticed everytime you have one of these QnAs or Live Streams they are never actually the issues people are talking about on the forums.
      And seeing that most people don't seem happy with your communication as of late why not cut out the middle man third party and go straight to your player base?
      There's literally a sticky at the top of the forums where we asked you to submit questions for the Q&A.
      I saw that but why take any questions from Twitter then?
      Not everyone uses the forums. Forums are a very small percentage of any user base, even WoW. 

      There are some folks that use say Twitter for instance that refuse to come here, but still play the game. There are even folks submitting questions on Facebook that don't like either Twitter or the forums. Just like some players on the forums dislike Twitter, there are folks who have the opposite opinion.
      My job is partly in customer service, so similar to Ythisens.
      I'm not in Customer Service. 

      I think there are valid things to criticize us for and in fact I support and encourage that, however it's pretty silly when someone makes a post about something that is stickied on the same page they had to visit to make their post. The same sticky that is there before every single Q&A since we've had a Q&A.

      I wasn't being snarky at all. It was more of a "come on now -.-".
      The difference Yth is that the people who make the effort to come to the forums to submit questions/complaints/etc. are the ones who feel strongly enough to make that effort in the first place.
      Then that implies that you're saying the questions on say Twitter should be less valued when they're just as much of a player as you are. They could go through the same effort to write a tweet. I get the sentiment that on the forums you're able to articulate your statement/question better, however if you can't boil it down to a simpler question then your question is gonna have a hard time getting into the Q&A. Question cards can only be so long unfortunately >.>
      Back in the day we had to provide feedback about GM/CMs or even being able to email to a supervisor directly to its personal blizzard e-mail.
      That still exists and is right here in the thread titled "Welcome - Please Read!":
      What if I would like to submit feedback on posts from Blizzard employees but not post on the forums as call outs are against the rules?
      If you have any sort of issue or feedback about a Blizzard employee's posts then you can submit that via email at
      Did the OP consider that maybe they got an even higher number of questions from Twitter or other social media platforms?
      We actually do get more questions on sites like Twitter than on the forums as in pure volume. I wouldn't say the quality is better, but there is quite a bit more there. 
      No one should have to put up with that under any circumstance, it is enough to drive a person to the brink of insanity.
      I cope by not letting the turtles make it to the water.
      There's a sticky that also has Twitter updates pasted in it as well lol.
      What's funny is that post exists because we're aware folks on the forums dislike Twitter. 

      For those that haven't seen it yet, I try to maintain a thread where I post updates on the forums that are said from Warcraftdevs on Twitter. You can check that out here:

      Also if you have suggestions on how to improve that please let me know. I try to grab them when I can but sometimes I do miss them (speaking of which I just noticed I need to repost some things there). I've been throwing up hotfixes as well in there since folks requested that.
      Ohh quit with the regurgitated "Not everyone uses the Forums" line.
      People play the game and "refuse" to use the official forums? Sounds like a personal problem "They" need to get over. Twitter is not even third party, they are their own party. You by far are the worst at understanding best business practices. You sound like a newly hired TSR.
      You may not like it but I'm being honest with you. Forums are not the most popular destination when it comes to where the game is discussed. I think forums are the best place given that a poster's ability to craft better posts is vastly superior here, but If your customers are largely in another place is it a good business practice to be where they are as well or ignore that they're in another place too? There is only one right answer to that question if you're looking at it from a business perspective.

      Why do you think we also read other fan sites and third party sites like Reddit, Twitter, and Discord? Players are there. It's a simple fact and reasoning.
      World of Warcraft Subscribers
      The final blue post deals with sub numbers. Players have been canceling their subs for various reasons since the dawn of WoW and Battle for Azeroth is nothing exceptional. A similar thing happened during Legion, the reason being Legendaries. The team is interally discussing player concerns and proposing ways of fixing them.
      Blizzard (Source)
      Is it just me or have there been far, far more threads claiming to not continue their sub/cancel completely compared to all throughout Legion? Like, it's getting to a point where I'm wondering if Blizzard is worried or not. I don't want to go through another WoD debacle but I'm just personally noticing the increase in people who seemingly are done with my favorite game of all time.

      This is troubling, no? Blizzard do you even care?
      ...Yeah, it was. Before this it was about flying and gated allied races.
      Then before that it was Legendaries in Legion, etc. The list goes on for each expansion. I remember seeing people on the forums claiming that the 1.6 patch was going to kill the game because it allowed players to queue for BGs at the Battlemasters in capital cities and thus they were unsubbing, this was 13 years ago.

      I don't want to diminish or invalidate anyone's criticism with this post but yes, GD has always been like this and always will.
      I'm actually kind of sad to see this reply as it just feels inline with everything going on lately. shrug of the shoulders and oh well, btw we are making azurite more complicated, have a nice day!!. in this answer all I see is more of the same our way or the highway attitude from blizz. its disappointing.
      ...Just gotta say, despite saying you don't want to diminish or invalidate criticism, you do just that.
      Sorry if that was the feeling at all as like I said I don't aim to do that by any means.

      Even though we all know how GD can get, we by no means use that to dismiss any present feelings or overall concerns. We recognize everyone is coming from a good place when they raise a concern and every forum post does have a point. Sometimes the point is a little silly or we disagree with it, but that doesn't make it any less valid from that perspective of that player (even if they use McNuggets to explain it). Internally though we share a lot of the concerns you guys have, and conversations happen daily around them as well. We discuss what actually causes this problem and how to solve it. That includes fixing something if we feel it does need to be fixed.
    • By Stan
      Varok Saurfang's story continues in Patch 8.1. Check out what awaits the High Overlord in Tides of Vengeance! This article contains spoilers.
      Blizzard released a cinematic titled "Old Soldier", where the High Overlord reacts to the Burning of Teldrassil. He's not content with Sylvanas' decisions and does not like where the Horde is heading.
      Saurfang becomes fed up with the events of the Battle for Lordaeron and is taken to the Stockades by Anduin. Later in the Stormwind Extraction Scenario, you find him locked up in a cell, but he does not want to return to Orgrimmar.
      If you missed our first installment of Saurfang's story in Battle for Azeroth, you can check it out here.
      Saurfang's Story in Patch 8.1
      Blizzard added a new NPC called Varok Saurfang in Tides of Vengeance and the Orc received a new skin as well. He's no longer referred to as "High Overlord" and does not wear his usual armor.

      Saurfang escaped the Stockades and Horde players are sent to investigate what happened to him. Sylvanas does not want him to fall into the hands of the Alliance and demands you to take him back to Orgrimmar. Our favorite Zappyboi makes an appearance at the end of the questline, joining him in battle.
      Varok Saurfang Questline in Patch 8.1
      The 8.1 questline starts with Dark Ranger Alina and "The Dark Lady Calls" quest aboard the Bahsee Wall and Sylvanas requests your audience in Orgrimmar.
      The Dark Lady Calls
      Champion, the Dark Lady has need of you. We cannot speak more of this here. Make haste to Orgrimmar at once. Best not to keep her waiting.
      An Abomination Guard is guarding the door in Grommash Hold to ensure that your meeting with Sylvanas stays private.
      The High Overlord
      I have asked you here to discuss a matter of great improtance to the Horde. Varok Saurfang is no longer present in Stormwind. Let us discuss this turn of events.
      Sylvanas wants you to locate Saurfang, because the Alliance would surely kill him on sight. Some members of the Horde question his loyalty and consider him a traitor for his willing surrender at the Battle for Lordaeron.
      A Way Out
      My spies report that our High Overlord did not leave the way he entered, not any other way we know of. No signs were seen at any of the known exits to the Stockades or sewers. He simply was in his cell one moment, and not the next. Begin your investigation around the city of Stormwind. There must be another way out that we do not know of. Dark Ranger Lyana will meet you there, her tracking skills are second to none. Do not fail me, my champion.
      Now, you must reach Elwynn Forest to continue the questline. The easiest way was to teleport to Dalaran, use the portal to Karazhan and fly there.
      On Track
      Keep your head down, we don't want to be seen out here. Our spies keep watching over Stormwind day and night, and saw no signs of Saurfang. Not did we notice any oddly-oversized carts or strange ships in the night, if that was what you were thinking. How then, did he make his escape? Let's look around.
      You're going to find a sewer exit outside the city.
      Clicking the Old Lock will make the following text appear:
      Now that you've found Saurfang's escape route, the search continues...
      You will be attacked by SI:7 Agents and the quest is complete when you defeat all three.
      You need to keep moving, because SI:7 Agents are probably looking for Saurfang as well.
      Eastern Escape
      It's not unusual to see SI:7 spies lurking around the city, but still, something about this doesn't feel right. We need to find where Saurfang's trail picks up. The last tracks were heading east, towards Redridge. At the entrance to Redridge is Three Corners, one of the more well-defended towers the Alliance has. I have an idea, meet me there.
      The search for Saurfang continues in Redridge Mountains.
      Corner Crossing
      If Saurfang was headed in this direction, it would have been difficult for him to avoid the Three Corners watchpost. We could simply walk in there and demand information, but I have a feeling that they would not part with it willingly. So we will take another approach. I have procured this potion from our alchemists. It will turn us into--ugh-- humans for a while. We can then question the guards, perhaps someone saw something.
      Use the Humanizing Potion to turn yourself into a Human for 10 minutes and ask guards for information. After you taken on the appearance of a Human, Lyana tells you:
      You're going to approach guards and tell them you've lost a puppy. Dark Ranger Lyana goes by the name "Marion Sutton" when transformed.
      The guards were super drunk last night and they do not recall anything. It must have been fairly easy for Saurfang to pass by the Three Corner watchpost unnoticed. Now you question Darcy Parker about what happened last night.
      The search continues in Lakeshire at Inkeeper Brianna. She informs you that guards are staying upstairs at the Lakeshire Inn. After searching the room for clues, you find an Official-Looking Note from Shaw:
      Signs of Saurfang
      With the guards drunk at their posts, Saurfang would have had little trouble passing Three Corners undetected. The path splits up ahead. The back roads of Redridge are poorly-patrolled and infested with gnolls and spiders. In other words, a perfect path for an orc trying to not to be noticed. His most likely path is Lakeridge Highway, we should continue our investigation there.
      You'll find ripped webbing, ichor, and plenty of killed spiders in Lakeridge Highway.
      Defeat the Injured Bristlequeen to complete the quest.
      Ever Eastward
      All signs point to our quarry heading farther east. To what end, Im an not sure, but I have my suspicions. I am going to scout the area from the air, let's meet up at Redridge Pass.
      Tracking Tipoff
      Look there, down the hill, one of the Alliance hunters that roams the area. No one knows these pathways like them. If our quarry passed through this area, they would certainly have seen the tracks. Their dogs may even have noticed. Here is another dose of the potion. Let us question this one while he is alone.
      It's time to drink  Humanizing Potion again and question Hunter McAlister who is later killed, because his dogs notice you're not actual humans.
      Killing Hunter McAlister and his dogs makes Zappyboi appear! Zekhan offers the next quest while Lyana informs you she must return to the Warchief.
      Zekhan tells you that Saurfang's hiding at a nearby farm.
      Grim Tidings
      Ey mon, dat dark ranger, she lied to ya'! Saurfang knew they'd be comin' for him. He sent me to watch the pass, see who his assassins were, try to warn him if I could. She's not reportin' back nothin', she's goin' to kill him. Probably got a whole group of deathguards just waiting for her to give the signal. We gotta stop dem! You with me?
      Dark Ranger Lyana lied to you and she wants to kill him. Better hurry and inform Saurfang who's located in the Swamp of Sorrows.
      A Warrior's Death
      She gonna try an' take him in, and then no one ever gonna see Varok Saurfang again. Dis was never a rescue mission, dis was about power, an' control, an' Sylvanas think she be holdin' all the cards. But she didn't count on us! Let's go.
      Turns out Sylvanas actually tricked you and wants Saurfang dead.
      Completing the quest rewards a fun cloak toy - Worn Cloak. A scripted event will begin as soon as you accept the quest and you must defend Saurfang.
      Dark Ranger Lyana and her crew die, but now you must come up with something to fool Sylvanas.
      Queen's Favor
      I have two things to ask of you, and I do not ask them lightly. First, I need you to retain the favor of the warchief. She will undoubtedly have questions, and seeds of distrust may begin to grow, but she cannot lose you as an ally, not now. She would not so willingly part with one of her greatest champions. In order to do so, it will have to look like you faced me in combat, and lost. I trust you can take a hit. Second, I ask you not to follow me further. I must make this journey alone.
      Talk to Saurfang and tell him to punch you. The screen turns black for a second and you will be afflicted with the "Convincing Blow" debuff for 10 minutes.
      Finally, go to Orgrimmar and talk to Sylvanas in Grommash Hold to complete the Queen's Favor quest that rewards Artifact Power.
      The story ends here. Sylvanas doesn't know you defeated the dark ranger and her forces along with Saurfang and Zekhan. Let's see what the future holds for Varok. Let us know what you think about his story so far and Sylvanas wanting him dead.
      Characters Involved in the Questline
      Dark Ranger Lyana
      Veteran Dark Ranger appointed by Sylvanas to help you track down Saurfang. In the beginning, it all looks like a rescue mission, but further down the questline you learn that she was deceiving you all along. She's later killed by the player, Saurfang, and Zekhan.
      Varok Saurfang
      Saurfang escaped the Stockades and you find him hiding at a farm in the swamps with simple armor and without the "High Overlord" title, indicating his discontent with Sylvanas' Horde. You confront Dark Ranger Lyana and her forces as you uncover her vile intentions and learn that the rescue mission was actually a lie and Sylvanas wants him dead. He doesn't want you or Zekhan to follow him, because he clearly states that he must travel the path alone. The character of Saurfang remains the embodiment of the Horde's long-lost honor.
      Zappyboi makes an appearance during the questline and fights alongside Saurfang. Blizzard did a really great job at portraying him loyal to Varok at times of need as we saw in the Old Soldier cinematic.
      Lady Sylvanas Windrunner
      Another lie has been told by the Warchief. First, she makes you believe it's of utmost importance to track down Saurfang, who recently escaped the Stockades, so that the Alliance does not kill him. Later, she accuses Varok of treason against the Horde and she wants him dead. After you kill Lyana and her forces, you fool her into believing that Saurfang did all that. Blizzard confirmed in an interview that Sylvanas will not be Garrosh 2.0 in Battle for Azeroth.
      Gameplay Video
      Saurfang-Sylvanas relations hit an all-time low in Tides of Vegeance.
    • By Jovovich
      World of Warcraft - [Horde][US-Arthas]Unhuman - Francais - Uldir 3/8M  -
      Unhuman est à la recherche de nouveaux visages qui seraient intéressés à joindre ses rangs!
      - [Raid] Hex Uldir: 3/8M, 2soir, Mercredi et Jeudi 8pm à 11pm  (EST)
         Leader: Fangpriest / Assistant: Pandov et Starbender
      - [Raid] Unknown (Heroic only) Uldir: 4/8H, 1soir, Mercredi 7pm a 10pm (EST)
         Leader: Felfâllen / Assistant: Flos,  Falmortis 
      - [Raid] Casual Uldir: 0/8N, 1soir, En formation
         Leader: Legitdh 
      - Raid ouvert a tout les membres de la guilde (normal only) uldir: 8/8N, samedi matin 10am a 1pm (EST)
         Leader: Jovovich
      - [PvP] Unhuman RBG: 1200 rating, 1soir Dimanche des 9hpm (EST)
      - Plus de  445 accounts
      Unhuman est plus qu'une guilde de raiding performante, c'est aussi la plus grosse communauté Francophone sur World of Warcraft US. Depuis sa création en 2006, Unhuman cherche à offrir à ses raiders un environnement de jeu qui favorise la progression et ce avec des joueurs d'excellent calibre. Nous sommes constamment à la recherche de nouveaux joueurs que ce soit PVE ou PVP, mais aussi des masters du Pet Battles, des champions de l'Archéologie ou peu importe ce qui vous branche ingame. Vous êtes donc assuré de trouver ce que vous cherchez chez nous peu importe votre style de jeu.
      Pour toutes questions...
      - Jovovich-Arthas, Guild Master
      - Falmortis-Arthas, Officier
    • By Jovovich
      World of Warcraft - [Horde][US-Arthas]Unhuman - French - Uldir: 3/8M -
      Unhuman is RECRUITING!
      - [Raid] Hex Uldir: 3/8M, 2day, Wednesday and Thursday 8pm to 11pm  (EAST)
         Leader: Fangpriest / Assistant: Pandov et Starbender
      - [Raid] Unknown (Heroic only) Uldir: 4/8H, 1day, Wednesday 7pm to 10pm (EAST)
         Leader: Felfâllen / Assistant: Flos , Florih et Falmortis 
      - [Raid] Casual Uldir: 0/8N, 1day, in formation
         Leader: Legitdh 
      - 1 more raid in formation...
      - [PvP] Unhuman RBG: 1200 rating, 1day Sunday starting at 9hpm (EAST)
      - More than 445 account
      Unhuman is a performing raiding guild with multiple raid groups, it's one of the biggest, for not saying the biggest one, french community on World of Warcraft US. Unhuman has been created in December 2006 and will continue to live for a long time, Unhuman is trying to give to our raiders everything they need to be focus only on good progression!. Unhuman is always looking for new players of all kind, PvE or PvP, even with Battle pets or Archeologists or anything else you can do in the game....You will be sure to find your way with Unhuman!
      For any question...
      - Jovovich-Arthas, Guild Master
      - Falmortis-Arthas, Officier