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Blizzard Looking to Recruit Senior User Interface Designer

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Blizzard are recruiting for Hearthstone staff again. This time they are looking for a Senior User Interface Designer.

Hearthstone still seems to be growing at a healthy rate. Two weeks ago we reported that Blizzard were looking for an Associate Game Designer, and now they're looking to expand yet again.

Senior Game Designer Ben Brode announced the position on Twitter and gave a brief insight into what the job entails, and a couple of UI changes in the works.

Placeholder for tweet 741330960793276417

As always for Blizzard jobs, the list of Requirements is extensive. I have copied the major requirements below, however if you want to apply for the job, or check out the full list of responsibilities, you should click the link here.

Blizzard LogoRequirements

A minimum of 5 years’ experience working in the gaming, graphic arts, or interaction design field

Strong graphic design skills – an understanding of bold shapes, particular iconography creation, artistic sense, and fluency in Adobe Photoshop

Able to illustrate UI components that are consistent with Blizzard Entertainment's design philosophy

Able to digitally render and paint all types of materials and surfaces

Strong understanding of UI, and usability principals

Able to work well with a team in a dynamic, cross-discipline, and iterative setting

Able to understand technical implementations, and limitations

Excellent written and verbal communications skills

A passion for video games, and user interface design


Good Luck to all Icy Veins readers who apply for the job!

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