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Heroes of the Storm Medivh

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Guest Eastwall

Yeah, it is sad  because Medivh has  low popularity because how hard it is. l have no idea  why l level it to level 60, and  still wants to play him. lt is most fun when Medivh is free, and l use my Medivh to destroy  the other team that also has  a Medivh that can't finish Master's Touch even when the match is  over, lol 

Anyway.... if you ever decide to update Medivh's guide, l just want to suggest that maybe you want to make Enduring Will situational. Ana's grenade can potentially shut down reabsorption, and l personally found circle of protection is not that great.  l have not met a great Ana yet, but l can feel that can be a real pain. So, if reabosrption got shut down, then it is like there is level 16 talent. Enduring Will might pay off better in that situation. l believe a competent player will be able to feel if enemy Ana is good  at using grenade by level 16.

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Guest Eastwall

l made some typo.... but l don't know how to edit a posted post..... but l think you will get my idea in the second paragraph.

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Guest Venedel

Can we get an updated version since the talent changes rework also would be appreciated on Sonya as well.



120 kb · Done


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I agree with updating the Medivh guide, as well as complaining that  Wings of Celerity doesn't work. sad, I would pick it 99.9 and 1/2 of the time if it worked. Raven's Intellect talent has been updated but nothing else:


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I really doubt this guide will be updated soon, because of the original guide writer, Kendric: 

- I didn't even see him played Medivh recently, ever. At least on his stream.

- He's flying to Taiwan for Eastern Clash, and won't be streaming until then.

And there are basically only 2 solutions: either they wait for Kendric to actually play the new Medivh to be able to learn him, which means after Eastern Clash ends; or they find another guide writer (probably Oxygen) to take over this guide, which also need some time to do.

Conclusion: this guide probably won't be updated soon.

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Guest Wolf_Eye659

You need to update this because there's only like 2 talents that are still on Medivh.

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If nothing else they should update the calculators, I visit the calculators to do different builds, without it I will just stick to Q build for a while.

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 Force of Magic Icon Force of Magicbecomes an incredibly powerful talent if timed well against heavy damage  from the enemy team. The Spell Power it provides is very useful even on allied Supports, as it increases healing as well as damage dealt by abilities.

Im pretty sure this doesnt grant spell power to your Allies. Its basically a 20%/40% dmg buff on Medivhs Q. 


Raven's Intellect Icon Raven's Intellect offers much needed Mana and health regeneration to Medivh. Arcane Rift Icon Arcane Rift and Force of Will Icon Force of Will, in particular, consume a lot of Mana if used too frequently, which is why Raven's Intellect is a solid talent to prevent unnecessary downtimes.

Arcane RiftArcane Rift doesnt consume any mana if used correctly. 


Lvl 1 tier: 
Winds of CelerityWinds of Celerity is the go to at this tier. Why? Both Raven's IntellectRaven's Intellect and Portal MasteryPortal Mastery can be "outplayed" by clever mana management or positioning. The extra speed is something you cant do nothing about no matter how good your play is. 
Should be like this: 

Winds of CelerityWinds of Celerity Recommended.
Raven's IntellectRaven's Intellect Recommended. 
Portal MasteryPortal Mastery Situational. 

Lvl 4 tier: 
Dust of AppearanceDust of Appearance Recommended. 
Mage ArmorMage Armor Situational. It can be very powerful if used with Portal MasteryPortal Mastery to invade enemy camps and stealing them or just general ganking.
Raven FamiliarRaven Familiar Not recommended. 

Lvl 7 tier: 
Mystic Assault Recommended. Easy to proc dmg buff and self-sustain. 
Arcane ExplosionArcane Explosion Situational. This can get you insane value or a mediocre one. Depending on your teams and enemy teams compositions. If yours or enemies team feature a lot of melee assassin this talent is a great option to take. 
Force of Magic Recommended. The 20%/40% dmg buff on Arcane RiftArcane Rift for 12s can be really powerful and makes Medivh quite a deadly foe. 

Lvl 10 tier: 
Ley Line SealLey Line Seal Recommended. 
Poly BombPoly Bomb Situational. Unless the enemy team doesnt feature a few melee assassin this becomes 2 second single target stun on a 40 seconds cooldown. 

Lvl 13 tier: 
I find all talents in this tier situational. Circle of ProtectionCircle of Protection becomes a waste of talent if the enemy team only features single target dmg. Enduring WillEnduring Will Is very powerful with Force of Magic because you can buff your dmg even more often. ReabsorptionReabsorption stays strong even without a buff.

Lvl 16 tier: 
Stable PortalStable Portal Recommended. 
Arcane ChargeArcane Charge Situational. If for some reason your team lacks dmg or kill potential this might be good way buff up your chances.

Temporal Fux Situational. I dont see much point in having Ley Line SealLey Line Seal up more often because its usually a setup for another heroic which usually have longer cd then it. Poly BombPoly Bomb as explained. Its situational so the synergy between them is also situational. 

Lvl 20 tier: 
Glyph Of Poly BombGlyph Of Poly Bomb Recommended.
Medivh Cheats!Medivh Cheats! Recommended.
Guardian of TirisfalGuardian of Tirisfal Recommended.
Arcane BrillianceArcane Brilliance Situational. 
Dust of Disappearence Situational. 

I can see that Kendric is busy im not gonna be judgy. :)

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Guest specialist??!!!

can i ask a question plz? why medivh is considered a specialist while all his abilities are support abillities.thanks :)

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