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Tavern Brawl: ShiftCon

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This week's Tavern Brawl is called "ShiftCon". It is the 55th Tavern Brawl, and it is the first time this Brawl has appeared.

This is a Brawl that most people expected to see at some point. You choose a class and get a deck with a handful of spells and a whole army of Shifter Zerus. You also start with three mana, so you can usually play one of your Shifters on the first turn.

There is obviously a large random element to this Brawl, (which is a good thing so that all skill levels can get their free pack), but is also a decent test of Hearthstone skill. You will often need to decide whether to deal with the board you are facing right away, or whether a good shifted card in your hand is worth playing instead. 


Before playing this, I thought it would probably be too random for my tastes. I have changed my mind on that having played it though, and now feel that it is one of the better Brawls. The mix of luck and skill is pretty much where I feel a Brawl should be.

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