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Last Day of Whispers of the Old Gods Celebration

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Today, July 5, is the last day of the Whispers of the Old Gods celebration. That means that after today you will no longer be able to get your three free packs for logging in, or be offered the quests for five packs.

Most people reading this will have already claimed their free packs and quests, but if you have friends who don't play regularly, or you have alt accounts that you do not use very often, then now is the time to finally get around to claiming those rewards.

Blizzard LogoDaxxarri

The end is coming! The Whispers of the Old Gods launch celebration ends soon, and with it your opportunity to add free Whispers of the Old Gods cards to your collection!
If you haven’t already logged into Hearthstone to receive your Whispers of the Old Gods packs, time is running out! Log in on or before July 5th PDT to instantly acquire three free packs of Whispers of the Old Gods.

Two quests are also still available for you to complete through July 5th PDT: 

5 Old Gods Packs! – Win two games in Standard mode
5 More Old Gods Packs! – After completing “5 Old Gods Packs!”, win seven more games in Standard mode

In order to complete any of the above quests or to gain the login rewards, you must have already gained the ability to do daily quests. If you’re new to Hearthstone, this means finishing the Quests “First Blood” and “The Duelist”. 

Time is running out! These Whispers of the Old Gods promotions end on July 5th PDT! If you know of anyone that hasn’t claimed their free Whispers of the Old Gods card packs, the time to act is now!


With the Whispers of the Old Gods promotion officially over, hopefully we start getting some tasters of the next set soon.

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