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Xixo's Winning Decklists From SL i-League StarSeries 2

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The second season of StarSeries is in the books, and after multiple stages of competition, Xixo emerged as the champion. He will take home $20,000 for his trouble. The format for the final stages was best of seven Conquest, with a ban.

Xixo had emerged from a star studded lineup earlier in the year to qualify for the LAN finals. In a tournament known for it's grinding process of eliminating players, Xixo had come through from the very first stage.

The offline finals were split into two groups, followed by a double elimination top four. The result of those groups were as follows:

Group A:   Xixo (2-0),   XieShuai (2-1),   StanCifka (1-2),   JAB (0-2)

Group B:   Naiman (2-0),   DrHippi (2-1),   Izoro (1-2),   Hoej (0-2)

In the upper bracket, XieShuai beat Xixo 4-3 to reach the Grand Final, leaving the others to battle it out in the lower bracket for the right to face him. Xixo beat DrHippi 4-1 for the second time in one day, and set up a rematch with XieShuai. This time around, Xixo, who had beaten XieShuai in the group stages, managed to take the win 4-2. His winning decklists are shown below.



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