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Video Compilation of Incorrect Old God Predictions by Streamers

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YouTuber zealousdemon has released a video titled Hearthstone Pros Were Wrong Abut Old Gods Cards . The video revisits previews by top streamers of the Whispers of the Old Gods set, and shows where their predicitons went wrong.

The video features Trump, Reynad, Kibler, Kripp, Firebat, and Amaz. As always with this kind of video, some of the predictions are spectacularly wrong. Alongside the fact that the video is amusing, it is also instructive. If you pay attention to why the predictions were wrong, you can learn a lot about the thought processes of the players.

Of course, with the sheer weight of numbers involved when previewing a new set, lots of mistakes are going to be made. It wasn't apparent that 2-drops were going to be generally terrible, or that 5 Health was going to be difficult to deal with. The closing comment by Trump is particularly amusing however, as he is aware that he is possibly making a repeat error.

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