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Stream Schedule (18th-24th July)

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Check out the first weekly schedule for our Twitch channel, along with a short background on each streamer!

As you have most likely read in our previous announcement, we are going to be starting up our own Twitch channel. Here's what we have planned for you this upcoming week:

Day Time (CEST) Game Streamer
Wednesday 20th 15:00 - 18:00 Heroes of the Storm KendricSwissh
Thursday 21st 20:00 - 22:00 Diablo III Deadset

To give a bit of background to our streamers this week, we'll start with Kendric. He has taken the world of HoTS by storm, appearing as a commentator for a number of tournaments, as well as consistently creating high-quality content for both HoTS and Overwatch. Here at Icy Veins, he is known for guides as a Warrior and Support player in HoTS. You can find him on Twitch, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Moving over to Diablo, we've got our resident guide writer, Deadset! He constantly keeps our Diablo site up and running with numerous builds, while still managing to keep high quality content flowing on his YouTube for the game! He's one of the few professional Diablo players and it's easy to see why. If you want to see more of his content, you can check out his Twitter, YouTube and Twitch

Note: I'll add a description for our last streamer as soon as we finish up the scheduling!

If you're looking for any more information on the schedule or feel that we have missed anything out, let us know below in the comments. If not, then we can't wait to see you on the planned days at twitch.tv/icyveinscom!

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    • By Blainie
      We are recruiting a Path of Exile writer to join our team at PoE Vault!
      With the new League well underway, we are looking for a new guide writer to join our team over at our Path of Exile site, PoE Vault, to help expand the ever-growing library of builds.
      With the new League well underway, we are looking for a new guide writer to join our team over at our Path of Exile site, PoE Vault, to help expand the ever-growing library of builds. If you're a veteran of the game with a strong command of written English, then this might be the perfect position for you!
      You will be creating guides. The main priority would be build guides, but there will be opportunities to work on more general projects that look at gameplay and League mechanics, rather than just builds. You will be expected to maintain and update your guides as required by patches. You will be required to respond to feedback and comments left on your guides, as well as make changes according to the feedback when necessary. Requirements
      You must have a strong command of the English language, most importantly in its written form. While this role is open to all, native speakers are preferred. You will need a deep understanding of Path of Exile's mechanics and the current meta surrounding the game. You will be expected to put out a steady flow of content, with frequent updates or new builds.  You must be at least 18 years of age. Remuneration
      This is a paid position, with a revenue sharing agreement (on all content created by the applicant) that will be explained and discussed in the later stages of the recruitment process. If you are interested in the position and feel that you might be the right person for the job, you can send us an email at jobs@poe-vault.com. There is no strict format for applying, so you can complete your application in any way that you feel is appropriate. Please note that, due to there being no strict format, we will treat all correspondence with us part of your application. We will conduct interviews with the top choices following a reviewing period.
      There is currently no deadline for applications, but this post will be updated when one is chosen.
    • By Starym
      We decided to cover Borderlands 3 and hope the reaction will be positive. This first post details what our plans are and why we chose this game.
      We're trying something a little different here on Icy Veins, as we thought we'd try covering Borderlands 3 as a bit of an experiment, and see if our community might be interested in something non-Blizzard. This is a bit of a personal one for me (Starym), as I'm always looking for that next Diablo-like fix and I've been a fan of Borderlands for a long time. I thought that there's probably plenty of other people like me here on Icy Veins that would be interested in alternatives while we wait (and wait and wait) for Diablo 4 and might like to hear some info about them. Also, in case you were wondering, this isn't a paid post or anything similar, just my personal attempt to add something to the Icy Veins community.

      So we're going to be covering some Borderlands-related news here, as well as a few roundups of what's already been announced, and hopefully we'll also be doing guides when the game releases. But first, why did we pick this game as our first non-Blizzard title and what's the game actually about?

      Why Borderlands?
      Borderlands as a franchise, and the third installment in particular, seemed like a great fit for our community, with the focus on loot, endgame, character building and a lot of other RPG elements - in short, the game is basically a Diablo First Person Shooter. The new game will be much more expansive than previous entries, both in terms of gameplay content, loot, customization depth (both systemic and cosmetic) - pushing it a little bit more towards MMO territory, while still being a 1-4 player co-op game, so the WoW crowd might also get a kick out of it. With many character setups to explore across the 4 classes, an insane number of guns, shields, grenades and other items to combine into a build, there's plenty of space for guides and character optimization, so there will be a lot to cover, and hopefully we can be a resource to the general Borderlands community as well.
      Those were the reasons we thought we should cover the game, but why should you try it?
      As with Diablo, the core gameplay was already very good in Borderlands 2 and it's being significantly improved in 3. Customization depth has also been massively increased, bringing many more options and builds to the table. Co-op play is much better this time around as well, with lower level players being able to play with higher levels seamlessly. The guns and loot in general has been made even more interesting with special manufacturer perks, alternate fire on all guns and much, much more. But most of all, it's great to play it with friends and one of the best co-op games around, while still maintaining an interesting single player experience as well.

      The Basics of BL3
      We'll be covering all the new features and what you can look forward to in separate articles, including all the changes from BL2, but we also wanted to take a look at the basic info for the game in case you weren't familiar with the franchise or just wanted to know what it's really all about.
      Release date: September 13th, 2019 What is it: a 1-4 player co-operative PvE focused FPS, drop in-drop out "looter-shooter" with leveling Character builds: each of the 4 Vault Hunters (classes) has 3 skill trees and 3 different active abilities to choose from, as well as a huge amount of guns, shields, grenades and class mods, all with their own properties and stats Itemization: Loot rarity up to legendary (and beyond?), item manufacturers give unique properties to items (Hyperion guns have shields attached, Atlas guns have tracking bullets, Maliwan have different elemental properties you can cycle through, etc.), different item components (barrel, sight, etc.) change the properties of guns which takes the number of guns in the game into the billions Extremely unique weapons and items: guns with legs, grenades that split into more that then split into more etc, guns that mock you when you miss, guns with infinite ammo, guns that fire hails of bullets in a descending arc, shields that drop booster packs when you get shot, and much more Quests, experience, leveling, side-challenges that give you paragon-like points to distribute across all characters Vehicles and vehicle customization, both cosmetic and systemic (different gun turrets, wheels vs. hover pads etc.) Sci-fi/space setting, with 5 different planets to visit, your own spaceship home base A lot of humor/satire in the storyline, quests and characters A big focus on the endgame
      Stay tuned for the detailed rundown of Borderlands 3's new and returning features, and we hope you'll enjoy this addition to the site and perhaps even give the game a try. Also, here's the full gameplay reveal live-stream, in case you wanted to see more:
    • By Blainie
      We've put together a list of builds from our Path of Exile site, PoE Vault, for the new league!
      With Patch 3.7.0 hitting Path of Exile with an overhaul to the melee builds and systems, as well as the start of the Legion Challenge League, this is the perfect time to try out a new build for your favourite classes.
      As some of you may already know, we made an announcement last year in December that introduced our Path of Exile guides and news site, PoE Vault. Since then, we have made major improvements to the site, including a full rework of our database, and we are proud to once again feature its content here on Icy Veins for those of you that may have been considering giving the game a go. 
      This post contains 11 builds that have been created and updated for the latest league in Path of Exile, the Legion Challenge League, with a focus on the builds that were once again made available after the changes in Patch 3.7.0. Whether you are a new player or a returning veteran, you should be able to find a new build to try and enjoy!
      For Shadow players, despite the nerfs to the Trickster ascendancy, there are still two great builds to try this league: the Soulrend Trickster build and the Caustic Arrow Trickster build. The Soulrend skill was added in the Synthesis league and quickly gained popularity, due to the incredible survivability of the build, making it a great choice for anyone looking to start the league in cruising comfort. For the Caustic Arrow Trickster, things are definitely more focused on some excellent damage output at early levels through the constantly under-development Caustic Arrow skill. 
      For Templar players, we have three builds, each featuring a different focus between defence and damage. In the Spark Inquisitor build, we have a perfect balance of damage and defence that will excel in any league you may want to try. For those of you that are looking to head into hardcore leagues and are perhaps looking for something a bit safer, then you may want to pick up the Purifying Flame Inquisitor build instead, in which you'll find slightly slower clear times, but excellent regeneration and defensive capabilities. For those of you that are ready to wade through enemies with huge damage potential and no care for their own survival, then the Ancestral Warchief Inquisitor build is definitely one to try this league.
      For those of you that are looking to start this league as a Witch, there's only 1 build on this list for you, but it's a fantastic one! The Storm Brand Elementalist build is an excellent all-rounder, with fast clear times and brilliant mobility.
      Despite having only 1 build on this list, the featured choice for the Marauder has efficiency as its middle name. The Uber Labyrinth Farmer Juggernaught build has been designed to complete Labyrinth runs quickly and comfortably, with massive early-game potential.
      Duelists are the stars of this list and have clocked in 4 builds, all of which have their own strengths and weaknesses. The Cyclone Slayer build has strong levelling capabilities and deals good single-target damage, but momentum is key, as it needs to keep killing in order to survive. On the opposite end of the spectrum, we've got a revival of instant life leech in the form of the Double Strike Gladiator build. If you're looking for strong end-game instead, the Earthquake Slayer build may be the build for you, with the potential to dominate in both softcore and hardcore, achieving excellent levels of Shaper DPS.
      The final build of the post is a brilliant all-rounder that takes shape in the form of the Cyclone Blood and Sand Gladiator build, which benefits from a variety of big buffs in the recent patches that has led to the combination of great damate output and solid defensive stats in the form of high Life, Endurance Charges, Armour and Leech.
    • By Stan
      We're looking for a dedicated writer to cover Hearthstone on our site and here's how you can apply.
      We are thrilled to announce that we are looking for some fresh blood to enter our growing team behind the scenes of Icy Veins! This time, we're looking for a Hearthstone writer who will be of course working from home and communicate with the team through Discord.
      News reporting (reposting Blizzard announcements, including, but not limited to patch notes, content patches, interviews, community news, esports). Editorial pieces (own thoughts about the state of the game, upcoming feature, game updates). Contributing to a few decks, maintaining a Tier List, helping with expansion guides. Requirements
      Have strong command of the English language (native speakers are preferred, but not required). Have strong proficiency with Hearthstone. Be able to express your thoughts in a concise, coherent, and engaging manner. Be able to put out a steady flow of content. Be at least 18 years of age. Remuneration
      This is a paid position, with the amount earned by the writer being a share of the amount generated by the news and guides they write. More details about this will be available throughout the recruitment process. Submissions
      E-mail us at jobs@icy-veins.com in order to apply. There is no strict format for applying, so simply try to impress us and remember that we treat all e-mail communication with you as your application. The top choice(s) will be interviewed. There is currently no deadline for applications.
      We're recruiting a Hearthstone writer to join our team!
    • By Stan
      In Episode #40, we cover Essences, mount equipment, and the customizable trinket from Mechagon. Sophia helps us cover Hearthstone and we discuss fun Rise of Shadow decks and Ignoblegarden.
      Zadina (@Sophia_Xal) Patrick (@NotPatrick) Stan (@HeroesPWN) Timestamps
      [04:00] WoW: Patch 8.2 Unexpected Stuff: Essences, Mount Equipment, Customizable Trinket [19:00] Hearthstone: Rise of Shadows Fun Decks and Ignoblegarden Event [30:00] Overwatch: Storm Rising Event Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast in iTunes or leave a comment in this thread with your thoughts about the latest episode. If you enjoy our show, you can support it by becoming a Premium member.

      Links to Previous Episodes
      Episode 39 Episode 38 Episode 37
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