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Darkmoon Faire Maximum Number of Tickets?

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Do you guys know what the maximum number of inv_misc_ticket_darkmoon_01.jpgDarkmoon Prize Ticket you can hold is? Someone is asking in the Facebook comments of our guide, suggesting that the number is limited to 200.

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I don't think there's a cap. All the currencies have a note that says 'weekly maximum' or 'total maximum' when there is a cap, but these don't. And wowpedia/wowhead don't say anything about a cap which makes me think there isn't one. (I can't really confirm, I'm at 56 and that's all I ever got. I never bothered with the darkmoon faire.)

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I'm assuming someone has purchased all the pets / mounts they can and wants to try and build them up for future faire patches.

I know the point is moot if there is no cap, but with the way mounts and pets will work you could just grind tickets on other toons anyway.

I dont see a problem having zero cap either. If anyone wants to continue with those dailies theyre welcome to the tickets! Posted Image

Edit: L2spell!! <---

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