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Are Darkmoon Food Items Worth anything in the Auction?

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I just got my subscription for wow last night.

and at the moment i'm trying to clear out the inventories of some characters from the starter edition so that i can start fresh using the old characters names.

my only problem is that even with the 6 bank characters i've made. i'm running out of space.

the majority of my items are are darkmoon firewaters and food items you can buy in darkmoon faire that i got from sealed darkmoon crates while farming for daggermaws during the last darkmoon faire.

so i want to know if these items are actually worth anything on the auction house?

the addon i have for the auction says they are but i dont know how reliable that is.

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tba i've been using an addon that shows current prices on the auctions and just undercutting.

at this point i'm just trying to get rid of everything and sell off excess race pets to opposing factions so that i can delete the 2 characters. I want their names for new characters

so far i've made about 700 gold on the horde but nothing else is selling. i keep getting undercut on the pets and the food.

i havent tried my luck with the actual darkmoon potions yet. wanted to focus on clearing out the characters i wanted the names from first.

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Don't forget you can store stuff in mail. Mail it from one guy to another and leave it in there. I'd just not do it on a guy your deleting in case for some reason you don't get it out within 30 days it returns to sender.

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I actually had a brainstorm last night for storage.

A trial mode character.

The level 100 trial mode character comes with 4, 30 slot bags.

It could also be a way to make some quick cash. By killing enemies around the draenor dark portal.

but not something i would rely on overtly

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I'm a casual AH player, but you're talking about only 700g profit. At 110 there are World Quests that give more than that for a single 5min elite kill. Nothing wrong with trying to make a profit and clean out excess baggage, but I'd question whether it's worth your time over just leveling up quickly where you're going to make exponentially more gold in the same amount of time.


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