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Europe Summer Preliminary Recap and Deck Archetypes

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The Summer Preliminary for the Europe region took place over the weekend of August 12-14, and we now know the eight players who will compete for the Europe Summer Championship next month.

Cards from One Night in Karazhan were not legal for the tournament, but could be used if found via game mechanics such as Discover. The tournament was played as best of five Conquest, with a ban, and was a double elimination event.

As with many recent tournaments, the most picked classes were Warrior, Shaman, and Warlock. Druid was in fourth place, and actually saw play a lot more than Warrior, as Warrior was banned in a large number of matches. One player brought Priest. The deck went 1-5.

Listed here are the players who qualified for the Summer Championship, and their deck archetypes:

GeorgeC: Yogg Druid, Freeze Mage, Wall Shaman, C'Thun Warrior

DrHippi: Yogg Druid, Freeze Mage, Zoo Warlock, Control Warrior (decklist shown below)


Viper: Yogg Druid, Aggro Shaman, Zoo Warlock, Dragon Warrior

Dizdemon: Yoggless Druid, Miracle Rogue, Aggro Shaman, C'Thun Warrior

Grayj: Yogg Druid, Miracle Rogue, Zoo Warlock, Dragon Warrior

Ikealyou: Yogg Druid, Aggro Shaman, Zoo Warlock, Control Warrior

Tvist: Freeze Mage, Aggro Shaman, Zoo Warlock, Dragon Warrior

LikeaBawse: Yogg Druid, Aggro Shaman, Zoo Warlock, C'Thun Warrior


As you can see, all eight players brought Warrior to the preliminary. GeorgeC and DrHippi will be making their second appearance in a championship event, which takes place on September 24-25.

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