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Na'Vi Disbands Their Hearthstone Team

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Natus Vincere, more commonly known as Na'Vi, have decided to part ways with their Hearthstone team. This means that at the end of the month, the current World Champion will be a free agent.

Na'Vi, who consist of Xixo, Ostkaka, Hoej, and Surrender, are strong candidates in any best team in the world conversation. It is a surprise move that they have chosen to disband, but this not the first big esports organisation to give Hearthstone a go, and then change their minds. H2k, among others, did the same thing a year ago. Some organisations set up as Hearthstone only, most recently Hearthlytics, have also given up due to it not fitting the business model they expected.

This is not a problem with Hearthstone as such, Complexity, for instance, have been actively adding to their roster for some time. It does however indicate that for some organisations, the way they earn their money is not compatible with Hearthstone. Having a Hearthstone team creates a different kind of exposure to many other esports, and can attract different advertising to other games. Streaming is a strong suit for the game, while the fact that it does not consistently reward the best players in the short term is something that some organisations are not comfortable with. The members of Na'Vi have cleared over $200,000 in career earnings, so it is not like the money is not there.

The players will continue to represent Na'Vi until the end of the month, and I look forward to seeing where they all end up after that. With the level of skill on offer, it will be sooner rather than later that we find out.

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