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New Hearthstone Community Manager Appointed

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Blizzard have hired a new Community Manager for Hearthstone.

Molly, The new member of staff tweeted out her appointment yesterday.

Placeholder for tweet 776838668535291904

She also gave a more detailed statement in a Twitlonger message.

Blizzard LogoMolly

I'm completely overjoyed and honored to announce that I'm joining Blizzard Entertainment as an Assistant Community Manager of Relationships for Hearthstone!

Blizzard's games, culture, and community are the reason I decided to follow my passions into the video game industry in the first place - and working at Blizzard has been a long-time dream of mine. Getting here has been the best kind of adventure and I've met some absolutely amazing people along the way. Thank you to everyone that has supported me, laughed with me, and been a friend. You're my people. :)

Before I went into my final interview, I rewatched this video that really resonates with me:

Someone pinch me. I'm dreaming, right?

I could not be happier to start a whole new chapter at Blizzard and be surrounded by people filled with the same passion and enthusiasm that inspire me! Here we go! (Source)

Replying to a question on Reddit, Daxxarri cleared up the current state of Community Managers.

Blizzard LogoDaxxarri

There are several of us, but we tend to be somewhat specialized, and a lot of what we do ends up being behind the scenes or isn't attributable to a recognizable name, so you might recognize some of us more than others. I write a lot of the blogs that end up on the official site, and handle a bunch of other stuff. There's also Zeriyah, of course, Aratil, Avarius, Keganbe, JesseHill (a new CM who is focused on Fireside Gatherings!), and there are other members of the team who art things for us and don't have a public presence. And we're happy to be welcoming Molly to the team now as well! (source)

Daxxarri also cleared up how interactions with Reddit work. Something Ben Brode also recently commented on.

Blizzard LogoDaxxarri

I post very occasionally, but you can be sure that more than one of us reads every major topic (and most of the minor threads too) that pass through this sub every day. I spend time reading /r/CompetitiveHS too. (Source)

We would like to congratulate Molly on her appointment to her dream job, and wish her all the best going forward.

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