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Hi Dudes and Dudettes //

I have been having a hard time finding information on BiS gear for my Mistweaver. We are currently raiding Emerald Nightmare and I am primarily raid and multi target healing. Trying to avoid fistweaving. Ask Mr Robot is broken and will only show me drops from raids and legendaries, even when I sort it to bypass those. Icy-veins only lists trinkets and legendary items as well. Kind of lost here and I am trying to get better gear in between raiding for drops.

EDIT: once I logged into Ask Mr. Robot, It saved my filter to dungeons only. But I would still love your opinions!

Current character setup:ëance/simple

Current weapon relics are: (ilvl 840) (ilvl 835)  (ilvl 830)

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The problem with BiS lists is that they're pretty skewed right now due to RNG.

Let's take a scenario of your chest slot.

If you want to avoid Fistweaving and doing raids, you'll be using the following prio:


1.1. Mistweaving

If you are not Fistweaving, you should use the following stat priority.

  1. Intellect;
  2. Versatility;
  3. Critical Strike;
  4. Haste = Mastery.

Note that Mastery and Haste change places depending on how much Mana you need, with Mastery being better for low-Mana situations

So, let's find a chest with Versatility and Crit for you. Here are just a few options:

At a first glance, you're probably thinking these two pieces of gear are useless to you. They're very low item level.

In reality, they can roll a "forged" buff high enough that they break item level 890+. This is true for so many pieces of gear and so many stats. If you had one of these at 860 item level, you'd be doing well. 2 main stats, great.

Suddenly, you have this piece drop: Shadow Stalker VestShadow Stalker Vest

It rolls a "forged" combo that puts it at 885. You're most likely going to take the 885, despite it not being your BiS chest. It's VERY difficult to create BiS lists, honestly. Just look for the right stats according to the priority.

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