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Europe Last Call Event Preview

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BlizzCon is getting near, which means that the Hearthstone Championship Tour has reached the Last Call stage. Today, October 8, is the turn of the Europe Region.

The eight players who have the most points across the region for the whole of the year will play single elimination best of seven Conquest, with a ban. The winner will take the final European seat at BlizzCon, the others will take home nothing. The matches will be played live at The Castellum Theater in Alphen aan den Rijn, Netherlands, and at the Kiev CyberSport Arena. You can of course also watch on PlayHearthstone's Twitch, from 14:00 CEST.


I have listed the players, with their HCT points in brackets, and their deck archetypes below.

Rdu (112) - Malygos Druid, Mid Hunter, Questing Rogue, Mid Shaman, Zoo Warlock

GeorgeC (106) - Malygos Druid, Mid Hunter, Freeze Mage, Questing Rogue, Mid Shaman

DrHippi (98) - Not playing because already qualified for BlizzCon

Hoej (98) - Malygos Druid, Questing Rogue, Mid Shaman, N'Zoth Warrior, Reno N'Zoth Warlock

Bunnyhoppor (97) - Malygos Druid, Aggro Secret Hunter, Freeze Mage, Mid Shaman, N'Zoth Warrior

Sintolol (97) - Aggro Secret Hunter, Freeze Mage, Mid Shaman, Pirate Warrior, Zoo Warlock

Pavel (95) - Malygos Druid, Tempo Mage, Malygos Rogue, Mid Shaman, C'Thun Warrior, 

Nicslay (94) - Malygos Druid, N'Zoth Hunter, Questing Rogue, Mid Shaman, N'Zoth Warrior

GreenSheep (93) - Lost playoff to ShtanUdachi

ShtanUdachi (93) - Mid Druid, Murloc Paladin, Malygos Rogue, Mid Shaman, Reno Warlock, 

There are seven best of seven matches to be played in one day, so it promises to be a long day of high quality Hearthstone

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