[Kil'Jaeden][H] <Call To Battle> 3/7 H Recruiting for heroic progression

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<Call To Battle> is recruiting for heroic progression.  We raid tues/thurs 6pm-9pm server (PST).  Currently 3/7 on heroic EN and looking for 1 tank and exceptional ranged dps.  whisper ratsalad in game or message VoodooChile#1412 for more info

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      About Us: Disband is a casual raiding guild aiming to progress as much as possible within our light raiding schedule. Currently we are 9/13 N-HFC & 3/10 M-BRF. Our core group has been playing together since Wrath of the Lich King. We are looking to recruit players with the competence and mindset for end game raiding but lack the time required to aggressively expedite high end progression. Expect our voip raiding environment to be generously vulgar and fun while bosses are not being pulled.   Raid times: We raid Heroic Hellfire Citadel Sunday and Monday from 11PM-2AM EST. We also host off night/alt runs (not mandatory) through Normal Hellfire Citadel usually on Tuesday and Friday from 11PM-2AM EST.    Loot System: We use a Loot Council system to distribute gear. New Trials will be put through a period discretionary to officers where they are treated secondary from our raiders for loot.   Recruitment: Currently we are looking for: Ranged DPSDruids (Restoration)Monks (Mistweaver)Unless otherwise specified above, we are accepting applicants of any role. Please feel free to apply even if we are not looking for your class as exceptional players will always be considered.   Contact Us: Please message any of the following for either more information or interest in joining Disband: Pikto (Juni#1505)Serric (Serric#1331)Binksia (Bink#1210)Swordpénguin (Swordpenguin#1799)Lojer (Lojer#1151)