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Prot Pally hitcap?

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What do you guys think the hit cap should be for a Prot Pally??? I recently started playing this class again and I can't seem to find any information about this on the net.


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With the way that threat is generated now, hit isn't as important anymore. If you check the paladin guide for tanking it is one of your lowest priorities.

I tank from time to time on my paladin, and if it's similar to mine then you will be gearing up if you haven't played for a while. If this the case don't worry about hit at all, just push mastery as much as you can and work towards your avoidance. If anything you can almost reforge a little hit off items.

If your raiding with friends / guild then just let them know that they need to be careful on the pull with threat in case you miss with your avengers shield etc. After that you shouldn't struggle with threat at all.

If your worried about hit because your dps is a little low I wouldn't worry much about that either. With all the nerfs now in place he little does increase you may get wont make much difference to encounters anyway.

Hope that answers your question!

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Peelyon is right.

To quote our own Protection Paladin guide (found here), "Expertise Rating and Hit Rating are threat statistics. They are your lowest priority (you should have no problems keeping aggro without them)."

There is no better way to say this than that. Hit is only important to you for threat, but it's really not needed. There's no cap. Don't prioritise it at all, just go for the other suggested stats instead. In fact, you should reforge out of Hit Rating into other, more useful stats.

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