The Ritual Bond quest

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I recently started playing WoW and encountered The Ritual Bond, specifically the choice at the end of the quest. 
The choices are: 

  • 10% damage reduction
  • 10% haste bonus
  • 10% increased movement speed

I know the effects are active only in Darkshore, but as a minmaxer, I want to be as efficient as possible. Since I am new to WoW, I don't know what I will benefit the most from, which is why I'm asking here.

So, any general tips on what (not) to take?

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You know, I would go with Movement speed.  Because let's face it....darkshore sucked and moving out of there as fast as possible is always the best option!

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I always choose Movement Speed too, I love it. Moving fast in WoW seems to always be best for me :p

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Memes on point? You'll be a great feral!

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