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DPS Stat/Reforge help

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I have been reading various posts and feel confused.

These are logs from a few days ago, is there anything i could improve on or do better?

I did recieve a few peices of gear during this raid which include BoTH, so up until Maegera i did only had the CheYe's and a LFR 483 essence of terror.

Logs: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/3x2yh94x57ocrbge/

For those logs i was specced mostly gemmed/reforged into haste, after reading some posts and after the raid i went mastery.

Current Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/windrunner/Scoriio/advanced

I'm running sims some of them point to crit being higher, while others point to haste. i've tried running sims with both 1/2 targets and Mastery only catches up a little bit when i simmed it with GoSac.

I understand that SImC does not take certain things into accounts especially with a lot of adds, but would GoSac be beneficial, or should i stick with Supremecy?


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Where's the confusion, lad?

Simple saying: Crit is shit. Avoid it like fire on the ground. Haste and Mastery are preference and optimized per fight, not in an overall general sense. To be well-rounded, have both relatively close in value.

All of the Grimoires have their strengths and weaknesses. Play how you like. One week, you might do well with Supremacy. The next, Sacrifice may look best. The third week, Service might do even more. Then you try Service the 4th week and see that you did worse than you did with Supremacy the first week. They're all pretty close and fight dependent on truly min/maxing. For Destruction, Sacrifice is pretty bad for single target, but in a fight where you'll be doing a lot of Shadowburns and Chaos Bolts, it can pull ahead.

As for your logs, we can just line you up against your Warlock teammate.

Jin'rohk - you fired only 8 Chaos Bolts. Um, what? You had a period during Bloodlust where you dropped below 50k DPS...were you disconnected? Not sure how this could happen. By comparison, your teammate Warlock got off 13 Chaos Bolts. Both of you were on the low end of Rain of Fire uptime. You both were around or below 50%...this should be upwards of 75-80%. Your Immolate uptime was 83%. This is pretty bad and easily corrected. 95% or more for Immolate.

Horridon - on a fight like this, your teammate used a Fel Imp instead of an Observer. This is the wiser decision with all the target switching and moving. You only had Fire and Brimstone up for 17 seconds...I would think there would be a much higher opportunity for this than that.

Council - both of you are holding your group back playing Destruction on a fight like this. Go Demonology or Affliction. I understand you might have it on farm now, but in preparation of Heroics later, you won't be playing Destruction.

Tortos - no Fire and Brimstone? Rain of Fire is great for Burning Embers but it is NOT your AoE damage source. You let a Rogue out AoE you on a fight almost designed for Warlocks.

Megaera - 0 uses of Havoc. Missing out on damage, Burning Ember generation, and survivability by not using Havoc on CD here. Rain of Fire uptime of 35% is bad.

Ji-kun - There are lots of valleys in your DPS chart where you go down under 10k DPS. Are you unable to move and DPS at the same time? If you're going from nest to nest, your DPS would go to 0. It is registering SOMETHING which makes me think you're not casting while flying up to get Primal Nutrient. Rain of Fire uptime is bad.

Durumu - Rain of Fire uptime is poor. 3 Havocs...pretty good. Hopefully used to kill adds. Um, it looks like your pets Tongue Lash was off...that hurts pretty bad. You also didn't use your Doomguard.

Primordius - Rain of Fire uptime was 4%. You should be using Mano's Fury here, putting Rain of Fire everywhere, and blasting Chaos Bolt after Chaos Bolt onto the boss. You would be flooded with Burning Embers if you had more Rain of Fire in your diet.

The largest mistake you have is Tongue Lash on your Observer is turned off. You have this off and Optical Blast on, which is reverse of what you should be doing. You also have bad uptime with Immolate and Rain of Fire. You don't use Havoc when the opportunity is there, and your Chaos Bolt usage is low.

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These are logs from a few days ago, is there anything i could improve on or do better?

your uptimes are shaky.

on jin'rokh , your immolate uptime isn't at max, and you only used one Dark soul. also, stop using rain of fire.

horidon and tortos you don't have immolate up very often on the boss. that's free embers you're missing out on.

megarea: you're wasting shadowburns. you don't get a refund on the kill and it's empty dps. you're also not using havoc incinerates to get extra embers. lots of rain of fire, so that's nice.

primordius....3 rains of fire. THREE?!?!?! c'mon, man.....

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Thanks for the ciricisim.

For Primodius we were zerging it so i did not aoe as to not kill the the adds by mistake.

On Megera i kinda forgot that Havoc + spell gives more brimstones so i did not cast it, will do so in the future.

As for the confusion i think its from me running to many simulations, but thanks for clarifying the stats.

I will work on improving the mistakes.

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      d.) My Dark Soul usage seems pretty off, will look to fix.
      f.) Perhaps KJ's Cunning?
      Any advice is appreciated. 
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