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Rogue real dps

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I usually play a pally tank but been wanting to try a different class and the rogue caught my attention, I decided to create a template for a lvl 90 assasination rogue in the PTR to get a feel of the rotation and see if I'm comfortable with it so I grabbed the ilvl 553 tier pieces and a couple of ilvl 522 pvp pieces to complete the set (dual daggers of course), reforged to 7,5 hit/exp, gemmed agi/mast in yellow slots, agi in red and agi/hit in blue. Then reforged haste and crit to mastery and crit to haste, whatever was possible.

All this gave me the following numbers:

ilvl 531

Mastery 87.87%

Haste 25.84%

Crit 26.05%

From what I read in noxxic's dps rankings an ilvl 522 assasi rogue should be around 140k-150k dps so I went to the dummy to test what I could get. I used the rotation specified here, using Dispatch when Blindside procs (of course being a dummy never fell below 35%), trying not to clip envenom, never letting Slice and Dice or Rupture fall off and using Vendetta, Shadow Blades and Vanish on cd. I was flasked and consumed 2 virmen's vite, one on "pull" and one a few minutes in, as I would in a real fight. After roughly 3 minutes I stopped and my dps would be between 100k-110k.

I understand I had no raid buffs such as increased AP, crit, stat increase or mastery, or even heroism, but here's my question, is the dps "correct" or should I be doing a lot more with those stats? I do get the fact that one has to become a lot more familiar with the rotation than I am but just wanted to know if I'm too far away from the dps I should be getting or if that's close to what you get with no raid buffs.

Thanks for the attention =)

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Your dps should be somewhat like that. I tend to do a 10k~ more than that with ilvl 527 assassination rogue on dummy so it's definetly not bad for a newbie rogue. Rogues are actually one of worst "dummy dps" classes because they need the stats and mastery buffs. Those buffs are too good for us :)

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I don't like parsing on the Shrine dummies because even when "behind" them you get a lot of glances and misses.

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You get glances and misses on bosses too, not just dummies. You simply "cannot" have the dualwield autoattack cap. And you would still have the damn glancing blows.

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You get glances and misses on bosses too, not just dummies. You simply "cannot" have the dualwield autoattack cap. And you would still have the damn glancing blows.

You can.. but it would be a huge waste of stats to regain a very small amount of white damage.

I suppose that if there really was -nothing- better you could reforge to, you could go over the Expertise soft cap. But I don't think you would ever actually see that situation.

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You can.. but it would be a huge waste of stats to regain a very small amount of white damage.

That's what I meant. You literally can't sacrifice so much mastery or other stats to get that enormous amounts of hit.

If I had to go over hit or expertise 7.5% caps, I would go over hit cap because it would have "some" extremely small effects on my autoattack dps and poison procs. Unfortunately because of RSC and other stuff I have (sooo much expertise -.-), all expertise reforged off I still have 9.74% expertise. Really... So useless but according to shadowcraft it's still better than to have lower ilvl finder stuff in my slots or other similar pieces of gear. Shadowcraft is awesome!

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When I was at that ilevel around 531 I can honestly say I was doing about 140-160k dps on the target dummies. I don't know if the pvp gear hurts you or not. The tier 15 set bonus and the helm gem helped me I think also. I also never clip my envenom and leave rupture running its full duration. I try to get in as many mutilates as I can during the envenom buff. Normally you can only get two mutilates in though. So far to me that new tier with the set bonuses don't seem to favor assassination rogues. It almost seems like a nerf to rogues. But I haven't been on the ptr so I am not 100% certain on that. It sounds like you followed the rotation pretty well so if you are doing that type of dps with 553 gear. Well that kind of scares me!

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First, you don't have the raid buffs. We rely too much on them. Secondly, I can see you have too much Crit for the ammount of Haste you have.

When you get the Legendary Meta Gem and/or the T15 Trinkets, Haste becomes priority over Mastery. You will proc your trinkets and your gem more with Haste.

Also, maybe you weren't behind the target, which makes it even more difficult and as someone said, Rogues are not good Dummy hitters. :P


Hope it helps.



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