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blizzcon Weird Al Yankovic Concert to Close out BlizzCon!

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Well, BlizzCon just got a whole lot weirder. Blizzard has announced the closing act for the 2016 edition of their very own Con and it's none other than weird Al! While most know him from his classics like Eat it and Like a Surgeon, my personal favorite is the theme from Spy Hard!

Blizzard LogoBlizzard

The Grammy Award–winning pop parodist will be taking the stage the evening of Saturday, November 5, to provide an epic send-off for everyone celebrating this year’s convention. If you didn’t score tickets to the show, Blizzard gamers and Weird Al fans around the world can still get a front row seat at home with the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket.

BlizzCon is the biggest Blizzard party of the year, packed with in-depth developer panels, intense esports tournaments, the legendary Friday night contests, and what’s sure to be an epic finale from Weird Al.

The Virtual Ticket lets you watch the action online, live and in high definition. You’ll also be able to watch most of the concert in on-demand videos that will be available within a few days after the show, although some portions may be edited or unavailable. For the best experience, be sure to watch it live!

Order a Virtual Ticket and you’ll also receive a treasure trove of in-game goodies for World of Warcraft, StarCraft II, Diablo III, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, and Overwatch.

Check out the press release for more information on this year’s closing concert featuring Weird Al. And get ready for an evening of mandatory fun—we’ll see you at the show!


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      What's inside this year's goody bag and the store catalog?
      With the imminent start of BlizzCon it's time to look at the contents of the goody bag! If you're a Virtual Ticket Holder, you can purchase the goody bag for $35 (+ Shipping / Tax / applicable fees) here. If you're attending in person, you probably received your goody bag at badge pickup already.

      BlizzCon X – Commemorative Stein, World of Warcraft – Faction Coaster, Heroes of the Storm – E.T.C. Guitar Pick Keychain, Hearthstone – Microfiber Tablet Cleaning Cloth, Overwatch – Inflatable Reinhardt Rocket Hammer, StarCraft II – Baby Overlord Antenna Topper, Diablo III – Gaming Dice Set. There's also a simple map of Azeroth, which is a preview from the Traveller book.
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      BlizzCon starts this Friday and the opening ceremony can be watched for FREE on, or
      In addition, if you've purchased the Virtual Ticket, all developer panels, concerts and tournaments will be available to watch in HD during the two days of the event. If you log into World of Warcraft, you can now claim your in-game goodies.
      Blizzard Entertainment
      BlizzCon 2016 begins Friday, featuring tons of developer discussion panels, epic esports competition, costume and talent contests, “Weird Al” Yankovic in concert, and more.
      If you missed out on a ticket, you can still grab a front row seat from the comfort of home by purchasing a BlizzCon Virtual Ticket, which grants access to two days of live HD coverage of the main and panel stages and unlocks this year’s lineup of commemorative in-game goodies.
      Check out the complete schedule and map, and snag the BlizzCon Guide app for iOS or Android to strategize your days. We’ve got a ton of events and activities lined up—here are just a few you won’t wanna miss:
      Opening Ceremony – WATCH IT LIVE!
      Be there for the start of the celebration on Friday at 11am PT on the Main Stage and hear the latest news about your favorite Blizzard games—streamed live for free at the links below and through the BlizzCon Guide app.  Twitch (also a featured stream on Xbox One) FREE ESPORTS TOURNAMENT STREAMS
      Enjoy two days of world-class esports on, Twitch, and Check out our Watch BlizzCon Esports Your Way blog post for links to free streams for all the events in multiple languages so you don’t miss a thing!
      StarCraft II World Championship Series Global Finals
      A year’s worth of WCS action culminates in the Anaheim Convention Center Arena! The battle begins Friday at 12:30pm, and the Global Finals take place Saturday at 4pm.
      Hearthstone World Championship
      Top Hearthstone players from around the globe are gathering at the tavern! Watch the World Championships unfold starting Friday at 12:15pm, then catch the grand final on Saturday at 2pm.
      World of Warcraft Arena World Championship
      The world’s best WoW Arena teams are getting ready for combat. The mayhem begins Friday at 9am and wraps with the final showdown on Saturday at 10am.
      Heroes of the Storm Fall Championship
      Get ready for the Heroes of the Storm Fall Championship! The brawl begins Friday at 4pm, and the winning team will be named after the finals on Saturday at 4pm.
      Overwatch World Cup
      Prepare yourself for the very first Overwatch World Cup! The series begins Friday at 12:15pm, with the final matches taking place Saturday at 11:30am.
      Developer Panels
      Join Blizzard developers for in-depth panels on World of Warcraft, StarCraft II, Diablo III, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, and Overwatch—order a Virtual Ticket to watch the panels on the Main and Panel stages both days of the show.
      In-Depth Interviews
      In between the panels, catch interviews with the designers, artists, and key creative folks behind your favorite Blizzard games throughout both days of the broadcast.
      Costume and Talent Contests—Featuring Thomas Middleditch
      Watch the legendary live Costume Contest and Talent Contest, this year hosted by Silicon Valley’sThomas Middleditch. Tune in Friday at 6pm on the Main Stage channel.
      Closing Concert—“Weird Al” Yankovic 
      After two days of Blizzard games and esports, Grammy Award winner “Weird Al” Yankovic will be closing out this year’s show with a bang. The closing ceremony, complete with a concert full of parody hilarity, gets underway Saturday at 6:30pm on the Main Stage.
      If you’re attending in person, the show floor is filled with exhibitor booths, developer signing areas, art exhibits, and—of course—opportunities to get your hands on the latest Blizzard games. Check out the complete schedule and map on our website for more information.
      We can’t wait to see you at the show!
    • By Starym

      Blizzard are stretching their charity muscles again, this time auctioning off the usual amazing art, but also some more...plushy items this time around, all to benefit a children's hospital!
      For over 50 years, Children's Hospital of Orange County (CHOC Children's) has been steadfastly committed to providing the highest quality medical care to children. This BlizzCon, members of the Blizzard community everywhere will once again have the opportunity to bid on an array of unique Blizzard artwork and collectible memorabilia to benefit this institution through the online BlizzCon 2016 Charity Auction, taking place Wednesday, November 2 through Friday, November 11.
      Visit The Auction Site
      We are auctioning off a variety of awesome original pieces from the talented artists at Blizzard, representing a range of mediums and styles. You will also find fine art prints, unique memorabilia, and even a giant plush in this year's auction collection.

      Oversized Pachimari Plush


      See the World for What it Could Be

      The Lost Vikings – 2015 Blizzard Employee Exclusive Gift
      Art of Blizzard Entertainment Book Cover
          Be sure to visit our Charity Auction page on eBay from November 2–11 to check out the items up for auction and to place your bids, and if you are attending BlizzCon in person, be sure to stop by the auction area in Hall A to browse our items at the show.
      Together We Are Strong
      Every bid counts! 100% of the proceeds are going to benefit CHOC Children's—your support will help make a world of difference to children in need.