BlizzCon Top Eight Decided

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After five days of group stage action, the focus in the World Championship will move to BlizzCon and the Quarterfinals on Friday.

The first stage was not short of drama as both Naiman and Thijs were eliminated. Thijs was a victim of being in the toughest group of the event, and lost to Handsomeguy and JasonZhou. Naiman lost to Bbgungun, and Hamster. Hamster is turning out to be the fan favourite of the tournament, winning people over with his desire not to win, but to make friends. Hamster is also popular due to his decision to bring Priest and Paladin to the tournament, because he feels the World Championship should have every class represented!

Other than these shocks, Pavel, Amnesiac, and DrHippi all came through unscathed.


As you can see above, the Americas vs Europe rivalry will go a long way towards being settled in the quarterfinals, as DrHippi and Pavel both take on American opponents. The matches will be shown on PlayHearthstone's Twitch from 12:15pm PDT on Friday 4 November.

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... one pack only for entering. Way to let me down Thijs...
Off this list it looks like a lot of people will be let down though. I like that Blizzard did this, because honestly I wouldn't have even cared about the tourney until late rounds (or even finals). No risk, all reward, what's not to like?

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