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Hi, Ive been gearing up through Mythics and H EN and have run across some trinkets but im not sure which to use together. Currently Im using and 845 Chrono Shard as well as an 850 Memento of Angerboda. The last time I did the new karazhan,I picked up an 860 Eye of Command from the final boss and needed some help determining what two I should be using together,Thanks! 

Current Stats- Ilvl 863



mastery 54%


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With your current trinkets
Eye of Command + Memento

The only issue is, with your baseline crit so low due to not having 2 secondary stat stick crit trinkets.

Eye of Command is only really useful on bosses, due to the drop off mechanic when switching targets
It becomes more usable in higher tier Mythic +'s

I' flick between HotP and EoC trinkets during trash/bosses.

If you can farm Hunger of the Pack or go for that,  an 840 version of that will be better than your Chrono/Memento.  Also WQ trinket rewards and hope for a crit secondary roll.

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Thanks for the reply! Where should I be aiming in regards to an optimal crit% 

Edit: Just got an 845 iron run charm with 1,177str and 915 crit

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30% Crit .
I'd certainly use the Ironrune Charm in place of Chrono.

Your haste is a little low too (not drastically, but I hate personally going below 18%) but as long as you have sufficient crit you shouldn't be in a position where you find yourself rune starved.
do you have an armory you can link, as you could probably benefit from some crit/haste crafted gear (if you have the gold).

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I'd look to swap in; 
a Prophetic Band  (Crafted Ring with guaranteed socket) for your Mindrend
and crafted Fireflash Belt + boots

They'll bring your crit + haste up to the desirable levels.  Will cost you around 40-45k approx.  If you have the gold and willing to spend it, it's a quick fix.  Otherwise hope for crit/haste drops for those 3 items aforementioned.
Black Rook hold has both a crit/haste ring and boots.
Can't remember where the belt drops in 5 mans but EN has a nice belt. 


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