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fury DPS log help

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You parsed in the 82nd percentile of your item level, so you're actually doing pretty decently (assuming you're 'Swagbro').


1. You're using Rampage too often during execute phase.

2. Dragon Roar should be used before Battle Cry on your opener, as it doesn't benefit from the increased crit and takes up a GCD.


Can you link your armory?



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yes my char name is Swagbro currently 22 fury artifact level but sometimes its faster for me to gear up with tanking due to some groups not liking melee dps etc or finding mythic+ groups faster.

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    • By NohTime
      Hi all! 
      I have been playing as a prot warrior since vanilla and took a break after WotLK. Coming back into legion I have decided to try my hand at Fury DPS but could use some pointers in order to help me perform better.
      My Armory page is : Armory
      An example log from a fight I joined last night : Log (My character name in the log is Anakaret)
      I realise that my legendaries are not very good for single target, but the only fury one I have managed to get is the waist. The bracers are just leftover from my tanking. I also use Konsheince Fury 7.2.5 in weak aura to help me out. I am also still trying to get used to the idea of potting in fights so I only pre-potted I think but then forgot to pot again =/
      I really appreciate any help you guys could give me, I have been a reader of the forum for quite some time. Thanks again =D
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      I have terrible problems with my Fury. Simcraft say I should do 580k and I only capable to do 450k.
      My opening is Battlecry, Avatar, Rampage , trinket guldan, Odyn fury, Raging blow and yes initial DPS is good but its impossible to maintain what simcraft tells me.
      Here is my log on krosus:
      Here in Augur
      Is anyone capable to see what I am doing wrong?
      Please I need help.
      Thank you
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