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Assasin. Rogue Poison uptime addon

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So i'm currently looking for an addon which shows the poison uptime on the enemy nameplate. I'm currently using KuiNameplates, but by default it only shows the uptime on me bleeds, and it gets quite annoying looking at the enemy unit frame for Surge of Toxins. Is there any way to add it to the display, or does anyone know of an nameplate addon which shows poison uptime on the nameplate along with bleeds?

I thank you all beforehand for all help.

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Alright, lemme explain. WA stands for WeakAuras, an addon that you can create several icons, bars and other stuff to display stuff (i.e. auras, cooldowns, etc).

It's not really hard to create one, you'd create an icon and put the trigger as that ID (the aura you wanna track - skills and auras have different IDs) and under what conditions. Here's a guide on how to use the addon.

Surge of ToxinsSurge of Toxins is under the ID 192424.



See if this works for you on Surge of Toxins. I haven't tested on my Rogue, tho.






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