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[Aegwynn][A] <Train> Forming

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About us: We're a small guild of in game friends who are looking to expand our ranks in order to do more challenging content consistently. We bring years of combined raiding leadership and experience to the table. Having currently completed both normal and heroic EN via pug/mixed guild groups. We enjoy all challenging pve content and promote a fun, focused, and above all else, non-toxic environment.

Raid Times: Weds 8pm-10pm/Sat 7pm-10pm (Server/CT)

What We're looking for: Currently looking at any and all classes and specs and any gear level if you are 110. We are more than willing to work with you to help get you raiding ready. That can mean helping you gear up or helping you further your understanding of your class or encounters.

What you should bring to the table:

  • Be active and dedicated. You don't have to be in the game 24/7 but should have the desire to always be improving and be in attendance for as many scheduled guild events as possible.

  • A desire to do challenging content to your gear and skill level.

  • Bring a good attitude and be non-toxic.

  • Be able to be in VoiP and have a working microphone.

  • Be on any of the servers of the connected Realm (Aegwynn/Bonechewer/Daggerspine/Gurubashi/Hakkar)

If you're interested or have any questions please feel free to message Positive or Mazoku. (Bnet tags Indecent#1846 or Roflzilla#1461)

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    • By fox436
      Dry Rub is a small 10+ guild on the Daggerspine (U.S./CST) server that is looking to expand our numbers for Antorus and beyond! We are all set to hit the next raid immediately and are looking for some extra players to join us in our Heroic progression. Currently we have H ToS on farm status with the odd hiccup on H KJ due to roster size and variations. We are not elitists, we do not spam meters or force requirements on players. Someone has to be on the bottom of the damage and there's nothing wrong with that. As long as you can perform the mechanics within a boss fight, are a decent learner and have the initiative to go the extra mile when needed, then you are welcome to join our guild! This recruitment is a long-term plan for beyond Antorus and throughout the Battle For Azeroth.

      We do not do applications- this is a video game and that is a stupid requirement. We will talk to you briefly, feel you out, see what it is you are looking for and if you are interested and think you will be a positive addition to our ranks then go ahead and send me a private message either on here or in-game.

      Currently our interests in recruits are:
      1x Replacement Tank (Demon Hunter, Monk, preferred)  
      1x Auxillary/primary healer (we have enough heals for our group but to expand we will need a third healer (Shaman/Druid preferred)  
      3x DPS- We have a decent roster of ranged and melee currently. We are in need of Warriors, Rogues (not Outlaw, you know why) SV Hunters (if are good at it, GL), Feral/Moonkin Druids, Windwalker Monks, Demonology Warlocks and Shadow Priests.
      This is our current interest for recruits currently. These classes and specs will be looked at with preference but we don't want you to think that we will not consider you just because your spec may overlap with our current roster. We are accepting all classes and specs (almost) and that will not change until our roster has increased to require re-balancing. We have a dedicated Guild Master and Officer crew who will be working with you to improve your game and improve your understanding of things. If you are a good listener and can follow directions well then you will work out great with us, regardless of your DPS (within reason, please be at least 700k+ on a dummy). The one exception to this we have is that No Protection Paladins are being considered currently.

      Our raid times are Friday and Saturday, 10pm-1am CST and our current schedule is a full clear of H ToS to KJ on Friday and if it spills over, finish it up on Saturday. Our clears up to H KJ take roughly an hour to an hour and a half max and KJ takes up the rest of the time as we work with new players and their understanding of handling certain mechanics. We not not going to turn away players who may not be the highest damage or happen to make the odd mistake (we all do, and we all have "those fights"). We want open minded players who have something to contribute besides their ability!

      Our loot system is Personal. We do not believe in any Loot Council, they do not fit the atmosphere and climate we bring to our raids and we want our players to be responsible for their own loot. The only thing we ask is if you receive something you know is not an upgrade and someone else could benefit from, throw it in the raid chat and allow a /roll for it. If you are unsure of it we will explain to you the benefits of the item and whether or not you will actually gain from it.

      The Addons we will be requiring to raid are DBM (obviously), Pawn, Weak Auras (just that you use it, no specific requirement outside what you know you need to be tracking), and a clean UI that allows you to raid optimally. If you do not use these addons currently or do not understand how to use them efficiently, we are more than happy to help you figure them out!

      Our current raid team (Guild) consists of:
      1x Blood Death Knight (MT)
      1x Blood Death Knight/ Guardian Druid (OT)

      1x Holy Paladin (MH)
      1x Discipline Priest (OH)

      1x Beast Mastery Hunter
      1x Havoc Demon Hunter
      1x Frost Mage
      1x Assassination Rogue
      1x Affliction Warlock
      If you have any questions or just want to hang out sometime shoot me a message on here or in-game - Fox#1587 or Moon#1672.
    • By cjgros
      <Trigger Warning> is a guild on Daggerspine (Gurubashi, Aegwynn, Hakkar, Daggerspine and Bonechewer) which is recruiting skilled raiders to fill out the remaining spots in our core group.

      Our raid days are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday with Sunday as a non-mandatory day for non-progression raids.
      Our Raid times are 8pm ST/CST - 11pm ST/CST.

      We are actively looking for:
      Warlock - Any spec Priest - Shadow spec Mage - Any spec Rogue - Any spec Demon Hunter - Havoc spec
      We are willing to consider any player who can make a case on why they should be considered.

      Please provide a link to recent logs for the class/spot you would be applying with. We are looking for at least 890 item level but would be willing to consider someone who can show they know what they're doing with their class.

      Guild activity is high during the afternoon and later hours. Regular Mythic+ groups form up during this time.

      To apply, please contact one of our officers through Battle.net or post here.
      Battle.net tags: Chaserr#1230 Gunog#1155 Fenix#1506
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