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Mean Streets of Gadgetzan: A Taste of the Kabal

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Blizzard have published a second lore article about one of the three gangs from Mean Streets of Gadgetzan. This time they focus on the Kabal.

One of the great things about the expansions in 2016 has been the increased focus on the lore behind the cards. This latest article is yet another example of that. The Kabal are represented in Hearthstone by the classes of Mage, Priest, and Warlock. The previous article discussed the Grimy Goons, represented by Hunter, Paladin, and Warrior. We can presume there will be a Jade Lotus article in the near future.

Blizzard LogoThe Kabal

We of the Kabal embrace those unwelcome elsewhere. We are outcast Priests, Mages, and Warlocks whose methods are too EXTREME for our colleagues. All that hand-wringing over silly things like mutations, toxicity, and side effects. Those cowards lack vision! We are at our STRONGEST when our decks only have a SINGLE COPY of each card! We of the Kabal embrace power NO MATTER THE PRICE!

The above quote seems to imply that there will be many more cards along the lines of Reno Jackson, which will provide an interesting deck building challenge of balancing power versus consistency.


The Kabal are also big fans of their Potions. There are likely to be several cards that interact with Potion cards. We will be catching up on all revealed Kabal cards in a later article.

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