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Arcane mage help - low DPS?

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(Sorry if this isn't the place for this post, I'm new to these forums. D;)

So, I'm having an issue keeping my DPS up. I know I have some personal issues to worry about- keeping my arcane familiar (lovingly named Jeremy) out at all times, remembering to use Supernova at the right time, to name what I can think of off the top of my head. But even after switching some talents and gear around, and boosting my DPS by around 80k, I'm still only around 260k. So any help would be greatly appreciated. 



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Just had a really short look at the Guarm Replay and your gear. Since that kill you got the legendary legs (gratz to that!) and improved your gear in general.

I am not an arcane mage pro, but I am getting into it at the moment as well. For what I can say is, that you should really use RoP over IF! Your burst will be much better. Moreover you're not using any potion (prolonged power < deadly grace).

Your rotation in general looks okay, but you're moving very much. Get used to the bosses to improve that, that will help you not to lose your quickening stacks that easy!

Last hint I give you is, that you really, really should simcraft yourself to see which stats are the best for you. This is mandatory, cause nearly every gearpiece you get will change the stat-priority! You just can't say "stack mastery"! :)


Good luck with your DPS! :)

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