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724 Arcan mage looking for help

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So ive been having alot of issues with my arcane mage lately and i have no idea what i am doing wrong.  I know that i should be pulling more dps than i am.  Anything you can do to help is greatly appreciated.


I generally stay to the rotation. Sometimes I go into burn phases early although i dont notice till its too late... and i have to wait for evocate to come off cd... doesnt happen very often though.


Here is my last log from AMR : 


Here is my Armory: 

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The AMR link you gave doesn't really work.


And if possible, submit a log here:


EDIT: The armory link doesn't work either.


EDIT: Just noticed the post is from 20 days ago, nvm...

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Hi Fritterz,


I just had a look at the logs of your fight on Gorefiend Mythic.

At first glance i have noticed that you are not using the Burn methode.

Looking at the other mage you clearly can see that he/she is using that.


Basicly its a methode on using all your couldowns and burning you mana to low level.

After that using evocation to get mana to full. Then conserve your mana and cooldowns until evocation is of cooldown and then repeat.


Full guide ->


Logs Teammate

Logs You




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