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mind spike when to use it

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hi there guys i am currently leveling a shadow preist and i can not figure out when using mind spike will ever be useful i was wondering if any of you guys could help me

thanks in advance

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If you use it with inv_glyph_majorpriest.jpgGlyph of Mind Spike while leveling, you can use 2 mind spikes, then 1 mind blast (that will be instant cast) to quickly kill a single mob.

Plus, if you use spell_holy_surgeoflight.jpgFrom Darkness, Comes Light talent, its use is pretty obvious.

Other than these, I don't think you will ever use it.

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ok so only if i use that talent when leveling what about when/ i hit 90 for lfr/raiding would there be any point in when i should use it or only when i have selected that talent?

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Only when you selected the talent, or you could kill something faster, when dots are not beneficial. (I mean, if a dot would not tick for its whole duration, it is better to just mind spike+minde blast the mob down quickly)

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I know Im late to the party but:

Plus, if you use spell_holy_surgeoflight.jpgFrom Darkness, Comes Light talent, its use is pretty obvious.

Doesn't work with instant mind spikes. As far as I've seen, it's only really good when the mob is going down before your dots can do much. For example, One can Mind spike x2, MB, and it may quickly kill an enemy or bring it low enough to execute, in which case it is beneficial because it saves time. At the endgame, it isn't used much because your dots are so powerful.

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I was a bit misunderstandable. What I meant was, if he uses the talent, he should use mind spike when the talent procs. Then, this spell is used frequently, especially on multi-doting. It ndeed doesn't interact with the glyph.

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