Enhancement Stat percentages?

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Hey guys. 

I do know which stats enhancement should go for, but i'm finding it hard to find any clues on what the stat percentages should be? I've also heard that enhancement need to alot of mastery, but how much? 

Like some classes has to so stack haste at a certain point and so on, but what are the most optimal stat percentages for enhancement?

I'm asking because i think i might lack mastery and that i have too much crit. http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/ragnaros/Dyppekogeren/simple

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Ive found 80% mastery and 25% haste to be a good area, i also use the set bonus wrist and shoulders for the crit proc to make up for lost crit, id shoot for 80% mastery 20%+ haste and rest into crit, im 881 eq with my enhancement set and do 400k+ without old war or flask on H ursoc, but i main resto so I don't get to DPS much in raid, and I mostly run mythic+. I also only have 1 dps legendary and its for AoE, if I had your ring id shoot for top meters.

My opinion, get haste to at least 20% or 20% with haste food, then mastery to 80%, the set bonus shoulds/wrists from CoS and Arc are really really good imo. 

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^ I've been spamming Arcway incessantly to try and get those wrists, stupid general won't drop the damn things grumble grumble. I got an 870 copy of the shoulder that rolled with a socket and I'm just dying to put them to use. They would be killer for Elemental too.

I'm running 28% Crit, 15% Haste, 70% Mastery unbuffed. Trinkets in raids usually 865 Bloodthirsty Instinct and 865 Eye of Command, or 870 Nightmare Eggshell if I'll be target swapping a lot. In dungeons, I swap out the EoC for an 865 Unstable Horrorslime, which synergizes with Emalon's Charged Core to do stupid amounts of point blank cleave damage. Using the right trinket for the situation makes a big difference. I sustain 400k average all day long across all kinds of content. The flexibility of Enhancement is amazing in the current state.

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