Hearthstone Update: 29 November 2016

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Patch 7.0, the update that introduces Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, is now available.

Although included in the update, the cards will not be available to put into decks until December 1. The official notes page also takes the time to remind us of the classes associated with each family, and therefore, the Tri-Class cards. They are as follows:

The Grimy Goons: Hunter, Paladin, Warrior

The Kabal: Mage, Priest, Warlock

The Jade Lotus: Druid, Rogue, Shaman

There is also one card back per month for the next three months to represent each of the three gangs in Gadgetzan. There is also a mysterious quote of  "And perhaps one more card back to come, should the stars align. . ." Hinting at even more flavour still to come. The new game board is also included in the update.


The card backs below will be released in December, January and February. They represent the Jade Lotus, The Grimy Goons, and the Kabal respectively.


The rest of the notes are listed below.

Blizzard LogoPatch 7.0

A search for missing in the Collection Manager will now automatically switch you to Crafting Mode and find any cards that you are missing or don’t already own two or more copies of.

Several cards now properly generate a history tile when played.

We’ve implemented numerous AI improvements and bug fixes.

We fixed a client issue that could occur when playing multiple spells while Archmage Antonidas is in play.

We fixed a Spectator Mode issue that could occur when Raven Idol is played.

Various UI & text issues have been resolved.

It is also now possible to read the flavour texts of the new cards in Crafting Mode. Many of them are funny, and there are too many good ones to list. Let us know your favourite in the comments below!

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White Eye: My life for Aya!

Unfortunately, the simplified Chinese translation does not reflect this terrier

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I love how the card backs have subtle elements of their respective classes flavor while still staying singular. good job on the card backs blizz

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24 minutes ago, positiv2 said:

The word Hearthstone in the loading screen seems to shine (hah) now. Is this a new thing or have I just never noticed it before?

They removed "Heroes of Warcraft", so it probably changed.

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5 hours ago, L0rinda said:

They removed "Heroes of Warcraft", so it probably changed.

Overwatch hero confirmed coming to Hearthstone? ;)

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