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Hi guys,

i got the 'Zoldyck Family Training Shackles'.

What changes I need to make? For example, I don't think they work with Agonzing Poison.

Armory an latest logs below:



I would like to thank you for your support.



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Remember that it not increases only poisons, but your bleeds as well, which are basically 50% (if not more) of Sin's current damage.

You also got a lot of poison stuff out of Agonizing, so it's valid for both specs.

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      Hi everybody,
      i got a little problem round here. My Rogue is dealin way too less dmg. In comparsion to other rogues on warcraftlogs.com im only around the 50% bracket. Just want to get better. Any advise is welcome.
      https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/eu/antonidas/pjam#rankingmetric=bossdps Warcraftlogs Link from my Rouge. If you need i will search for a raid where i can log and share it.
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      I finally got shoulders the other day and I think I'm not using them correctly as well, also have seen a lot of people using NBF even with shoulders instead of DoS after the subterfuge patch, idk what's better.
      Any help would be greatly appreciated, also any trinket / legendary changes for certain fights would be a great help.
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      Also idk if my stats are current anymore as well, LMK. Been stacking crit since ever since I got 150% mastery, I don't know if this is optimal anymore.
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      I'll put a link to logs from the last heroic nighthold we did. It wasn't my best night performance wise  anyway (i'm playing on a potato and we had a huge raid group - fps sat between 6-15 for the whole raid). I think I'm doing something wrong with my main rotation when compared to the other rogue than joined us but I just don't know what it is. I'm stumped.

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    • By carajh
      I have a couple of questions for assass and outlaw on things i cant seem to find a proper answer for anywhere. The first is for assass. With vigor the new go to talent, what number of combo points is it worth using envenom on to not potentially waste combo points (i have heard both 2, 3 and 4). For outlaw, when using the wrists, how worthwhile is it to hold a blunderbuss proc, or saber slash to full combo points to cast a between the eyes (potentially wasting pistol shot procs), or should i just use the wrists with any pistol shot proc. Also, does anyone know if draught of souls is good for outlaw, as i picked one up the other day (currently using 880 urn and 870 angerboda)