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Hello everyone,


First of all here is my armory link :

So I recently got some trinkets and I'm pretty confused about which one I should take, I looked at the comparison on here but it didn't really help, I hope you guys can.

Here are the trinkets I have equipped at the moment :

860 Thrice-Accursed Compass (1,353 Agility, 322 Critical Strike, Haste and Mastery)

880 Tempered egg of Serpentix (1,631 Agility)

And in my bags I have :

850 Stormsinger Fulmination Charge (1,233 Agility)

865 Eye of Skovald (986 Critical Strike)


I do not care about the item level at all, I think it's worth saying.

Can you help me figuring out which trinket should I use? 

Thanks !

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Simcraft it. We won't really utilize crit all that much so you can probably trash or just bank the skovald trinket. Not sure how often the Serpentix trinket procs but I'd prefer the stormsinger. You should try to get the aran trinket since it's BIS. A WQ statstick is better than a thrice-accursed compass though.

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Given the current stat priority for MM is Mastery>Haste>Agility I'd recommend going with:

860 Thrice-Accursed Compass (1,353 Agility, 322 Critical Strike, Haste and Mastery)

850 Stormsinger Fulmination Charge (1,233 Agility)

The mastery bonus from Stormsinger is HUGE and it proc's a lot. Like Darkpsycho mentioned, get some Kara runs in and try and get the Aran trinket... the haste proc is sweet.


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