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Questions about explosive shot and chimera

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I think I’m going to be running explosive shot mostly as MM as most my content in casual dungeons, low keys and maybe some normal raids. I have a couple of questions and wondering if anyone could advise. 

- How does explosive shot work in single target rotation? 

-Sims seem to show it’s not massively behind for me in ST, what could be causing this? From the guides I’ve read careful aim should be a much clearer winner in ST

-Is there any scenario where chimera shot is viable? I wonder whether for normal and heroic dungeons where mobs die so fast  whether the cleave would be useful 

Many thanks


(Sorry if these seems really basic questions, just a casual player trying to make the most of my toon going into SL!)

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Hey, thanks for your questions.


  • Explosive Shot should be used on cooldown on single-target, although not at the expense of Rapid Fire and Aimed Shot.
  • It can depend on many factors like gear, but usually the difference isn't night and day.
  • Chimaera Shot is never useful because it's only "good point" is SPECIFICALLY 2 targets. Any more or any less will make it terrible, and that situation is just way too specific for it to be a good choice.

Any other questions, let me know!

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Thank you very much for the detailed reply, I appreciate it and the effort on the guides- they are really helping my performance. 

So based on the single target priority for explosive shot would a potential opener be;

aimed shot->rapid fire->explosive shot->arcane shot to consume precise shots

I’m guessing that during trueshot it is worth dropping explosive shot in ST due to the focus cost? 

Many thanks again 

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The guide has a Multiple Target opener that includes Explosive Shot.


Explosive Shot is used before anything else because you do not want to use it during Trueshot where it doesn't really benefit from it, so you just get it out of the way instantly.

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