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Holy Paladin PvE Guide Question(s)

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Hello, I was noticing in the "Holy Paladin PvE Guide: Rotation, Cooldowns, and Abilities" guide under the heading "1.1. Additional Actions To Perform" it said "Try to melee the boss whenever possible in order to regenerate as much mana as possible from Seal of Insight." This seemed odd to me. I know we wear plate armour but should we really be up front meleeing a boss?

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As from a Holy perspective, you should ALWAYS melee a boss whenever you can. This is because that your Seal gives you a chance to gain mana, which is about 1k mana. That's a LOT of mana, and you should get it whenever you are not healing or while you have Divine Plea active.

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Crixalis is correct, you should be in melee range whenever you can (meaning, whenever fight mechanics do not require you to be elsewhere) so that you can autoattack the boss.

The mana gain benefit of spell_holy_healingaura.jpgSeal of Insight is apparent from its tooltip :)

Let us know if you have any other questions about the guide or any class in general.

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Mana returns aside, crusader strike is an excellent, cheap way to gain holy power when you don't need holy radiance (early on madness, ultraxion, yorsahj, et al).

Yep, it certainly is awesome. It's mentioned in our guide, too :P

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