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I still confuse about the avoidance cap. From link above, it mean adding parry%+dodge%+block%+missed by an attack(5% - i read somewhere on wow forum) then my avoidance right now 105.94.

Let say, the additional info i read ( the value to be missed by an attack = 5%) is wrong, so did my avoidance is 100.94?

What is the actual value to be missed by an attack?

Sorry for poor English.

P:S Can any delete my comment there? I abit sleepy when i asking that question then after i wakeup i realize there are forum link on top. I should ask on forum and not on that article. My bad :(

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The chance to be missed by an attack is 5%. It doesn't show up anywhere on your character sheet, but it remains true.

Obviously, what you need is 100% chance to not be hit. But this applies when fighting mobs of your own level. Since raid bosses are always 3 levels higher than you, you need 102.4% to account for their higher level.

Don't worry about your comment on the guide, and let us know if you have more questions!

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Here my character on armory

My reforge my stat according to

I'm gemming mastery because i want to reach avoidance cap.

I been wondering because one of my guildies (also proc pally) only gemming stamina and enchant stamina on his gear. He didn't reach avoidance cap at all. Is this a bad choice?

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Your reforging is mostly good (I'll tell you what's not perfect below). I strongly believe (and theorycrafting/other top Protection Paladins agree) that going for Stamina before reaching the avoidance cap is a bad choice. It makes him take a lot more damage and be harder to heal overall. The only times that his choice of Stamina would be good is in a fight where there is predominantly magic damage against the tank, which is quite rare.

According to your armory, you are past the avoidance cap. You have 105.72% avoidance now, not counting any possible buffs to Mastery that you may be using during raids (elixir or food). This means you can drop a few Mastery gems in favour of Stamina.

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I see, how about if i use parry/dodge gem instead of stamina?

Yes, those work as well as Stamina. After your avoidance cap is reached, you can choose between more Dodge/Parry (which is stronger than blocking attacks, so your avoidance will "improve") or Stamina.

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Well thanks a lot of answering my question. Trying to be better tank by reducing healer stress to heal me :D

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Well thanks a lot of answering my question. Trying to be better tank by reducing healer stress to heal me Posted Image

Here's the kind of tank I love. As opposed to: "I'll stack stamina and the healers will just have to heal me LOLPosted Image".

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Hey Vlad, i'm stuck in the same problem as him. I follow your guides on how to gear optimize and reforge stats to reach avoidance cap, but i've got a new trinket that brought me some doubts.

Here is my armory

And these are the trinkets i have on my bag: inv_stone_sharpeningstone_04.jpgResolve of Undying inv_qirajidol_rebirth.jpgIndomitable Pride inv_fabric_ebonweave.jpgVeil of Lies.

Can you please give me some advices on what to use and then what i need to reforge to optimize my gear, reaching avoidance cap and still do not waste stats?

Thanks in advance and keep up the good work!

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Hey! With new 5.0.4 hit the realm, now CTC no longer in my concern but right now either I should reach hit and exp cap (7.5%) or not. Can any one explain a bit to me?

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I would recommend in reaching these caps if possible(exp may be unreachable till more gear comes out) but the way SoTR works now, it is pretty important that you hit things, mastery gives 2 buffs when you use sotr. A) it gives a damage reduction based off your mastery, and it also stacks Bastion of Glory that increases your next WoG cast by a % based off your mastery. Landing SotR becomes important. Also note that parry diminishes much much slower than dodge now. Posted Image

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