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WESG Groups Announced

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The groups have been announced for the $370,000 World Electronic Sports Games (WESG) finals in China next month.

WESG has been an unusual, and welcome, event in that it had many levels of qualification. Qualifiers started at national level, with each country only being allowed one or two competitors. These players then battled it out in four regional finals to qualify for the final stage. This has led to the remaining 24 players having a widespread international feel to them. Some of the players are huge names expecting to take home a large slice of the money, while others say they are just happy to be representing their country on the world stage.

The groups are as follows:

Group A:   PNC (Americas Champion),   ImpactHS,   Orange,   Gilgamesh,   Neirea,   Perna

Group B:   Losefield (APAC Champion),   Lord,   Korvus,   Staz,   TalionHS,   MIKKA

Group C:   Xixo (Europe Champion),   lbdutchboy,   Renekuroi,   nessteban,   Lucius,   Shy

Group D:   TheJok3r (Africa Champion),   Bunnyhoppor,   CLHuang,   Kazediel,   Sanver,   Fluffy

The format will be best of five Conquest, with no ban.

As always with Chinese events, there has been no shortage of hype for WESG. For those of you who like such things, I have linked a couple of the promotional videos below from the official Twitter account. As you can see, the Hearthstone event is just a part of a $3.7 million festival of esports!

Placeholder for tweet 810731786716278785
Placeholder for tweet 811858342549143552


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