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Stats value for Destro lock in the patch 7.1.5

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Hi m8s, i m trying to undestand if u need to change my pryority stats on my destro lock after the 7.1.5... becouse on icyvein forum they wrote that the pryority is always int>haste>crit>vers>mastery and i think that value of any stats is the same of b4 the new patch becouse now it s not write how mutch value 1 point of any stats....https://www.icy-veins.com/wow/destruction-warlock-pve-dps-stat-priority

But if u go in the section where they steak of best in slot etc... it s is different... https://www.icy-veins.com/wow/destruction-warlock-pve-dps-gear-legendaries-best-in-slot they did a exemple with 1 haste point= 1.24...   1 point int = 1... 1 point versa = 0.58... 1 point mastery = 0.55...

So the first thing that i saw is that there is not specificate the value of crit.... and the second point is... Why here haste value is more hight that intellect???? 

May someone explaine me what is right??? and can u plz specificate the right value of every point of stat too????


I m sad if my english is not the best XD but i hope that everyone can undestand what i mean XD and the point of my deastionsXD


So i will wait for your answers and a great thanks for any comments and helps to fix my problems XD 


PS:i will post my armory so u can see my stats and what i m using now on my char http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/nemesis/Salaul/simple (it could change becouse i change a bit my gear if the fight is single 2 o aoe targets, especially the leggendary becouse i have  Magistrike Restraints Icon Magistrike Restraints  , Alythess's Pyrogenics Icon Alythess's Pyrogenics  and legs, not found the image with name ahaha so i didnt linked it XD) i m thinkg about it too for this i m tryng to fixing right value and priority stas!!!! so it s a bit more easy to understand what leggendries are better to use togheter for any situetion!!!! single, tow/3 targets or more tarhets in a AoE encounterXD

Thanks for reading at everyone and i will wait your anwers XD ahahahahh!!!!


By Salaul!!                                                                                   


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HI Salaul,

From the Warlock Discord:

"Haste 1.2 Haste (RB)/1.1 (BD)

Crit 1.0

Mastery 1.0

Intellect 1.0

Versatility 0.9

BD builds favor iLevel over stat distribution in almost all scenarios."

Before the patch Haste was valued slightly higher and the squish lowered its strength relative to Intellect. These values still put it slightly above and are the ones I will use for my long term goals. Have you ever simmed yourself? I do occasionally and the results have always followed this kind of pattern so it works for me.

I would love to buy some of your Crit; mine dropped down to 18%!

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Ahahahah thx for your answer SpikeysquadxD so i will try to change my priority stats on pown and i will see!! And yes i have a big crit i think for my gear and respect al many destro locks that i saw  if i use food buff legendary ring and legs i reach 30 haste and 30 crit +- xD 


Anyway i ha e a request for u m8:-) can u give me a inv to the discord discussion about locks destro etc where u take tour info about lock plz?!?!? Becoue i know that the only way to enter in these discussions is to get a invite to that discussion/forum/site xD i m not sure of what is precisly that xD ahahahah anyway thanks alot m8:-) for all your advise/helps:-)


ps:- if someone would reply these comments and give me a his real feedback with these stats pr icyveins stats value i will happy to try it and reply here at their advices:-)


thx alot at all that would to do this and see u!!!! 

By Salaul xD

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Try this: https://discord.gg/rA6hDHM

The best info is in the pins in each spec channel. Then there's the Resource channel but that isn't fully updated for the new patch yet for Destro from the look of it. Otherwise, just ask/talk in the relevant channel (though people tend to get mad if it's stuff you can look up yourself first, as dozens of people ask the same thing every day, so read around).

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