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I've seen a few nice warlock UIs lately, thought I would post my blood DK setup. Screenshot from a pug raid this week, just about to finish the twins. I'd be interested to see other folks' too and maybe get some tips.


Elv UI does just about everything I want and doesn't seem to hog too many resources.
For DK specific I've got:
DocDebugRunes - the extra rune display on the health bar is mostly ignored, but doesn't bother me enough to switch it off.
Blood Shield Tracker - I like being able to see how much blood shield is left at a glance.
Omen threat meter, usually hovers next to focus target which is usually the other tank.
I've got DK dots over in the corner, as I play unholy spec also and can't be bothered to hide it.
Big Wigs handles the raid alerts.
I'm also using recount again. I liked Skada, but I like being able to see the DPS ability breakdown when hovering over the name in Recount. Couldn't figure it out in Skada...
That's about it.




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I shall talk about my general setup first, upon the second Screenshot I shall start talking about TellMeWhen, anyone not interested is hereby warned for the TL;DR.



  • I use ElvUI aswell (Thanks Icy-Veins for giving me that usefull tip)
  • Furthermore I use Buttonforge, which is a handy addon that lets you put much more actionbars including visibility macros (I hide most my bars during combat ^^)
  • I use Magicrunes which is a highly customizable addon to track the cooldown on your runes. (The bars on the top left)
  • I use TellMeWhen for all kinds of alerts
  • I use TargetRole which is the most amazing addon. it allows you to put TANK, HEALER or DPS (and others aswell) as valid units in macro's. This allows me to make a macro with for example /cast @TANK [exists, dead] Raise ally; @TANK2 [exists, dead] This is very helpfull.
  • the rest of the addons are only miscelanious, like MailOpener and CameraPlus.



I have recently made some changes, but this is pretty much the whole thing, alot of things show up when certain conditions are met and the actionbar on the top hides on combat, another actionbar with cooldowns potions etc. shows upon entering combat.


I would like to take this oppurtunity to tell you about TellMeWhen (Which I've spoken about before, I shall remove that post (If I can) since I think my new setup is loads better.)


TellMeWhen is an addon that can show any icon in almost any situation. instead of talking about how it works I shall give you my setup to see the result.




Ok, so here it is. You see alot of eyes here, these are called Meta-Icons. these icons can show multiple icons prioritizing some over others.

On the right is a field with alot of icons. these will never show themselves on that place. instead I have merged them into metas.


I shall start with the beginning.

  • The HUGE Icon in the bottom-middle is an emergency icon. It will show in that location when I have 5% or less health, it shakes violently and creates a faked raid warning.
  • The icon to the right of the big one is for Blood Tap. It will show itself when I have 10 or more stacks of Blood Tap and at least 2 runes are fully depleted.
  • The four icons just above the big one have multiple purposes. The Rightmost one will show me when my focus target (Which is always the other tank in my case) has any of the known MoP raidboss debuffs that require a tankswitch on him, it will also show the number of stacks.
  • The one next to that shows me Horn of Winter when it is off cooldown, Bone Shield when it is not active on me, and when it is, it shows me the remaining duration and number of charges on it. unless Horn of Winter comes off cd it will always prioritise Horn of Winter.
  • The one next to that (The right one of the two on the left) shows me Rune Tap whenever I'm below 80% health, it also shows me Dancing Rune Weapon when I have the RP for it.
  • Then the leftmost one will show Soul Reaper icon vaguely when my primary target gets below 50% health, when it gets below 35% it will show Soul Reaper at full opacity.
  • The small green bar just above that, will show any active buff with a short duration. (Not including other players their buffs) it will always show the shortest one, so should you have popped Icebound Fortitude and you get a Runic Corruption proc, it will show the Runic Corruption unless the Icebound Fortitude has less than 3secs left when Runic Corruption procs.
  • The smaller icon just above the little bar shows me the amount of RP I have (In the form of 30-60, 60-90, 90+) the more RP I have, the more opacity the icon will have.
  • The one above me (in the middle) is for Crimson Scourge procs, it shows an icon of either Blood Boil or Death and Decay, when Death and Decay is off cd or has less than 5 secs remaining on its cd it will show Death and Decay. otherwise Blood Boil shows.
  • The four icons on the left (the vertically aligned ones, next to that bunch of bars) are my most important ones. The topmost tracks my Vengeance in K.
  • The one below that shows the amount of Mastery: Blood Shield I have in K
  • The one below that shows when my primary target does not have Frost Fever on him, and it shows at half opacity with a countdown when Frost Fever has 10secs left
  • The one below that shows when my primary target does not have Blood Plague on him, and it shows at half opacity with a countdown when Blood Plague has 10secs left.
  • The bunch of bars are simply to check the remaining cooldown on the shown abilities, the longest will always be at the bottom. the bars will ofc not show when the abilities are off cd
  • The larger Blood Presence Icon will show (with activation border) whenever I am not in blood presence.
  • The sneaky eye icon in the corner next to it (just below recount) has 3 purposses. when out of combat it shows an icon of Death Grip. But only when Outbreak is on CD. this is because I often use these two macroed together. when Outbreak is off cd it will show Death's Advance instead (assuming it is off cd) when in combat it will also show for Remorseless Winter.
  • The three Icons in the topleft corner are of little importance, they show me when I have 11 Motes of Harmony, so I can make a Spirit, they do the same for Small Ethereal Shard when I have 4. When I have less than 3 Flask of the Earth it shows an icon (So I dont go into raids without ^^.)


Well that was pretty much it. If you have any questions or happen to want the string for my setup or parts of my setup, feel free to PM me.



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Shine, I am glad that your second UI works for you. Haha, it actually scares the crap out of me but that is why I love the UI topic so much, everyone has their own taste.  I like to keep mine very simple and clutter free because for whatever reason I find I'm a much more aware tank with a very large and free image of a fight.  Mine is pretty simple, or atleast I think so. I did the layout myself with a mixture of different add-ons.  The one add-on for all (ElvUI) has kind of scared me a bit. So for my setup in raiding (Exlcuding out of combat add-ons) I use: Shadowed Unit Frames, DBM, Tidy Plates, BigSexy Cooldown, Bartender, Omen, BL Cooldown tracker (Upper left), BloodShield, Skada+Recount (I'm weird and use both since I find Skada has better healing reports) and WeakAuras. Much like Shines strong opinion on TellMeWhen, that is how I feel about WeakAuras. They are basically the same functioning add-on. I have fight specific strings that pop-up during certain fights or certain mechanics, as well as progress bars for any ability I might use. Those show up under my unit frame in the form of progress bars with timers/ability color (Bone Shield, Horn of Winter and VB in this pic).  That's about it....


Side note: Really love these threads...



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- Reniat

Would love to know what addons you use and more importantly the strings for them!

i.e. TellMeWhen, WeakAuras, Powerauras, etc.. strings.

You have a beautiful UI and it would be perfect for my blood DK.


Thank you very much for your help!

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