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Guidance / High end raiding advice (FURY)

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1st post on the forum so bare with me.


I have been playing fury for a few weeks - always played tank in the past on my warrior. Although my gear is slightly behind the rest of my guild due to the main spec swap and starting the content late - (I haven't yet got the cloak) I want to do everything I can to push the numbers in raids and keep up with the rest.


At the moment my burst is huge (crits depending) but my sustained damage across certain fights is a lot lower than I would like.


and now with progress on Animus I am having to wait on positioning to be able to open full blast on the boss - but with trinket procs already being on CD from getting aggro on the small add that I need to take I was wondering if anyone could give some advice.


My dps is not in a horrible place but I want to be doing the absolute max that I can do given my gear.


link to my armoury:



Also link to our wowprogress page so you can see the comp on progress fights:



any tips on specific fights would be great or just to discuss the above.



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A non warrior here who noticed about trinket procs .... switching them between slots will lock them out for the first 20-30sec of the fight which should give you a good enough time to get an agg lead on your add.


Ofc there are other roles to do on the fight which may then make you incur the trinket procs. It all depends on the timing of the fight to whether it better to delay them or not.


For anyone with a better understanding of the warrior class ... I would recommend having some WoL parses available to peruse.

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After digging up some Logs:



a first glance:

try to get your Enrage uptime higher, for some fights(and even kills) it was as low as 41%
use Bloodthirst for this and for more rage generation, for some fights the amount of Bloodthirst usages would implicate a fight as half as long
Use Prepots and Pots and use your CD´s(Berserker Rage counts too) more frequently; on that Ji-Kun kill you used Blood Fury 4 times but Recklessness and Skull Banner just 2 times
Additionally for that fight, you only got Primal Nutrient 2 times, though you apparently collected 2 feathers(even losing 1 stack through capping) and did not get one during your second Reck/banner usage

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Yea very valid point, do you know of a decent addon for tracking this? 

In all fairness my gear has jumped quite a lot in the past week/2weeks - now with my crit being over 30% I am hoping that this makes a difference. 


To be honest I thought I was bloodthirsting on CD (obviously fight permitting) but I will have to keep any eye on that.


The use of reckless/banner would have been down to me not wanting to use it on a nest so I would have held onto it to get the extra damage out on the boss in JiKun HC.


its quite a change swapping from tanking all of MoP to playing dps - something I haven't done on the warrior since vanilla.

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