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Looking for feedback on my off spec dps from our NH normal run.

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I main as blood but I do dps when we rotate tanks. As such I want to see where I can improve my performance from where it is. Last nights NH normal run, we will be hitting heroic from next week, probably. I felt I was a bit all over the place and my dps was poor, really poor. Died too many times on the first few bosses which is bad play on my part.
Can I ask for some advice on my logs for the Spellblade fight please. The other fights will be too short to be of much use. I dont normally die anywhere near as much in raids so I need to look at my UI and the likes for frost, might need an overhaul as I was having to look for info when I should have been concentrating on dodging mechanics. 

As I said I normally main blood but want to have a viable off spec as well. I hit 475k on the fight, seems to be mainly from cleaving on the adds. I have a rating of 22% which is horrible and I want to get it back to a respectable level. I wont be a leet dps by any means but I want to get out of these kinda ratings.
Thanks in advance folks I am shells in the logs. https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/waAKCmPbZkg9Rpft/#view=rankings

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I logged out in BDK gear, will update tonight and see if  I can capture my gear. 

Have no Frost legendaries, only blood so far.

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Checking out the logs, one of the main things i gotta say is that breath is better and probably would be an increase. 78% icy talons, Your obliterations had some delay between the casts, I'm not sure if you can get more obliterations off even with perfect play, but just something to look at. You had some runic power over cap roughly 120. Good amount of time over 2 runes no frozen pulse. Probably partly messed up because of trinkets too  I didn't see which ones you have but just mentioning it.

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Thanks for taking the time to check Drtain. I will have a peep at the BoS builds now and see. 

I dont expect to get the same dps as a full time dps but I do like to push myself as hard as I can :)

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      I just got Kiljaeden trinket  as my third legendary and I am questionning which legendary to use.
      Legendaries i have: Perseverance (helm), Seal of necrofantasia, Kiljaeden trinket
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      Im doing my best to maintain this Rotation:
      Howling blast, pillar of frost (horn of valor)  remorseless winter, (keeping it on cooldown) obliterate,Obliterate, if enough runic power and runes, then breath - spam obliterate and when rime procs, howling blast.  Hungering rune weapon - when runic power goes low. often fail by using hungering to soon(two at the same or close to eachother time) or to late- breath runs out.sindra, depening on fight, if i think i can use it twice or not. keep using oblit, and freezing when procs.
      BoS Spec. (i was using Freezing fog instead of horn of winter, i have simmed it to do a little bit less, but on some aoe i felt like it was nice to not have an extra button to press)
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      I was comparing myself to the other DK in the raid, and i was not satisfied with my own perfomance
      (Im aware of i am supposed to link his armory but his character doesn't come up)
      2nd question: Im aware of my legendaries being really good, i have just looted Kil'jaedens burning wish, should i replace any legendaries for the trinket?
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      I would like to ask someone who is confident enough with their frost DKs to help me out with a few things, hopefully wont take longer than 15-20 minutes in game chat, and meeting up some where.
      All thought i feel i know my char well, i also feel Im not pulling the required dps for my itemlevel and if i can, i want to improve on that.
      Battletag is Desert#2867 and i'll be online pretty much all day (EU, CET), only leaving around 4-5pm for night shift working.
      Cheers for anyone who could hop in for a chat, all the bests
    • By Mattphill
      What's going to happen? In your honest, professional opinion- what happens next?
      Will UH get a buff? Will Frost get nerfed again? (Lots of people complaining on the forums about PvP) Will our tier bonus level things out for us? Will they nerf the bracers and balance the spec? (UH) Simply put, I want opinions. I've invested enough AP to get two golden traits in frost and I've learned it enough that I'm still viable in our Mythic + runs and EN Raid. I just want to have a general idea of what to expect going forward and this is THE BEST place to ask. No rages please. I get we're last in the charts, that's not a revelation but, I'm not rerolling until they implement an AP catch up mechanic. Ok, thanks!
    • By Novarin
      My Armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/arygos/N%C3%B4rth/simple
      My fight log(s): https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/7QNWZVxLFqhbtHDa/#boss=-2&type=damage-done
      As you can see, I only do mediocre DPS als a DW Frost DK. I tend to think that I use Howling Blast in single target too much since I have around 250-350 uses in a single target fight. Also, I pretty much neglect Obliterate as long as I have enough runes to spam HB and get Runic Power. Trying to use Pillar of Frost as much as possible however I think my use of Empower Rune Weapon is not optimal.
      I don't know where to improve my rotation, single target DPS is around 33-37k, depending on the encounter.
      I also tried to record my fight for Hellfire High Council but it didn't work. I did 41k DPS in total I think. I hope someone can help me improve!
      Will update with more logs wednesday after the reset.
      EDIT: welp, I had to tank.
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