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Hello there. I'm looking to see if there is anybody that can give me some advice/help on the two BM hunters in my guild. Both of their damage is pretty low on all fights so I feel like they are both either doing their rotation poorly, or that the actual spec may be in a bad spot at the moment. It may very well also be their gear, but I have no knowledge on how hunters play so any advice you can give me to pass along would be greatly appreciated. 







Quickhit also has sephus ring, but doesn't actually use it because he said it's bad for hunters. Any information on that would be greatly appreciated as well. 


I thank you guys for any information you may be able to share, as the last thing we want to do is leave somebody out of progression so I'm hoping I can pass along any information that may help them improve.

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First piece of advice I could give them, is read the BM guide on this website. Their relic choices, rotations, and openers could clearly use some work and could easily be fixed just by following what's written in this guide. In a nutshell make sure they memorise the rotation and opener so that they know it inside and out, and tell them to practise on the target dummies in their order halls. 

To put it in perspective, at their ilvl I was able to burst 1m with lust, and I do nothing other than follow this guide word for word along with my own sims. 

The spec in itself is not in a bad place; it's not in a very good place but it's a very strong spec if played correctly. I currently raid with a mythic raiding guild and at only 887 ilvl I consistently find myself within the top 10 dps when we do heroic with 30 people, and I'm about 5-10 ilvls lower than all the other dps. 

Additionally, Sephuz's Secret is a VERY strong legendary if used right. There are multiple fights that have interruptible spells that they should be allowed priority on to proc their ring.

Any information that they would really need is in this guide, and if they have any questions feel free to comment back or message me to enquire, I would love to help in any way.

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