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LOGS:   https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/XrLzyCtFhNZ49RVW/#type=damage-done&source=19

Hi all, looking for some advice on SPriest. Recently leveled and geared up in order to fill a ranged slot in guild, but my DPS feels very light. I'm ranking in the bottom 10% of parses on Normal NH (see logs of latest run).

I'm not running a STM build, I'm living through fights - and as far as I can tell have stuck pretty rigidly to the recommended rotation and gearing (~12k haste, mastery > crit), my DOT uptime is solid, and I'm stringing out voidform as well as I can. I've got 35 points in my weapon.

Any advice appreciated!


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Hi, I read the logs and i saw 3 Problems. 

1. Your stats: 

On 2.2.2017 at 0:12 AM, Wonderdog said:

(~12k haste, mastery > crit)

crit 6,1k - haste 3,4k ... you should have not more than 5k crit (with your gear maybe 3,5k) and lot more mastery than yet when you play the SL build. 

next: your tier 6 Talent; misery ... it´s a PURE! high multi dotting talent which you use only in open World or maybe in some M+ dungeons. Power Infusion is a very great cooldown which increase your dps massively. (Use it ~10 seconds (with void torret 14) after you enter the voidform)

and: your relics; try to find and use relics, that are improve the dmg of shadow word: pain and vampiric touch or your hole shadow dmg. 
even if the item level of these lower than that which are you use, the effects are much better. (The difference should not exceed 25 ilvl) 

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