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hearthstone Winter Playoff Schedule

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The dates for the first set of Winter Playoff events for the 2017 Hearthstone Championship Tour have been announced.

The Playoffs are the revamped version of the Preliminaries from last year. Each region will have 72 players; the top 64 ranked players on points, as well as eight Tavern Heroes. From there, four players will progress to the Hearthstone Winter Championship in The Bahamas, where they will play against the qualifiers from the other regions.

The dates for the Playoffs are as follows:

Europe: Feb 11-12

Americas: Feb 18-19

Asia-Pacific: Feb 24-25

The first day of each event will be Swiss, and will cut to a top eight, which will be played on the second day. The full list of competitors can be found by looking at the top 64 on the standings page. Players from the World Championship and Summer Championships last year got points for those events, which means all of the big names from the second half of 2016 will be back in action.

The full details for the events can be found here.

The casters for each event will be: Kibler, TJ, Frodan, Raven, Admirable, and our very own Sottle.

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      Blizzard have announced that there will be a reward for logging in to Hearthstone each day, to celebrate the build up to the Year of the Mammoth.
      The rewards stop on April 5, and so it seems a fair assumption that the previously rumoured date of April 6 for the release of Journey to Un'Goro, is going to be correct. 

      As you can see, if you collect every reward, you will end up with 100 gold, 100 Dust, 4 packs, and a Golden Rare. Also, remember that you can collect these on all three regions just by logging in. Even if you don't play the other regions much, it is worth collecting these in case you ever change your mind!
      This also seems a good time to remind people that there will be a dump of all the unspoiled cards by Blizzard on Friday. At which point, we will be ready to start the upcoming Mammoth Hearthstone Year.
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      The HCT Winter Championship took place from March 22-26
      The first HCT Global Championship of the year has been completed. ShtanUdachi took home the $60,000 first prize by defeating Fr0zen 4-3 in the Grand Final.
      It was no surprise to many observers that these two players made it to the final. Each of them have been powerhouses on ladder for a long time, and both began to get noticable tournament results in 2016. Some of you might recognise Shtan as ШтанУдачи on the monthly Legend list, where he is regularly listed near the top. 
      Shtan had already beaten Fr0zen in the group stages, and so it was fitting that he was able to win again to take down the Winter Championship. The two losing semi-finalists were Canada's DocPwn, and Taiwan's SamuelTsao. All of the top four players will play in the World Championship, which will be held early in 2018.

      Click image to expand
      Shtan, who is known for being an innovative deck builder, was a little sad that he was unable to bring anything original to the tournament. Of course, that sadness was more than cancelled out by the end result. It is a sign of a strong, and mature, player to be able to play the right decks for the job in hand.
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      Today's HCT Championship broadcast began with the reveal of 10 new cards. The first half of this article takes a look at five of those cards and assesses how they might be used in the Year of the Mammoth.
      First of all, we have confirmation that Adapt is costed at 1 Mana. A Pit Fighter with double Adapt is 7 Mana

      This seems like a good time to remind everyone what the Adapt options are. They are: +3 Attack, Divine Shield, Deathrattle: Summon two 1/1 Plants, +1/+1, Poisonous (as in Emperor Cobra), Stealth until next turn, Windfury, Taunt, +3 Health, and Cannot be targeted (as in Faerie Dragon). Volcanosaur is likely too expensive to play a serious part in the meta, but you will often get the abilities that you want from it given that Adapt works with Discover, and so might be worth bearing in mind in heavy ramp decks, or in decks that need a very late win condition.

      It is good to see Blizzard keeping an eye on the current metagame. Gluttonous Ooze is a great card for slowing down aggressive decks that rely on weapons, such as the Current Pirate Warrior. Current ways to deal with Weapons are not particularly satisfactory, so this is a welcome addition to the game.

      Mana Bind is a logical card to have created. It is the Spell version of Mirror Entity, and as such will be a nuisance. It will also make playing around cards generated by random effects more complicated. Currently you will usually play around Spellbender and Counterspell as a pair, and the chances are not that great that they have been generated. With Mana Bind in the mix as well, people will have to be a lot more careful when playing around a random Secret.
      As more secrets get added, there is always more chance that a Secret synergy deck revolving around Kabal Lackey and Medivh's Valet type cards will become relevant. It seems unlikely that this card is powerful enough to swing the balance, but it is an archetype to be looked at.

      One of the major complaints about Hearthstone for the entire time that the game has existed is the lack of comeback mechanisms. Over the last year or so, the introduction of Portals and cards like Inkmaster Solia have shown a desire for this to change. Vilespine Slayer is another card on that list, and it seems like it is a pretty strong one. The card will fit into a variety of decks as it can fill the role of both a control card, and a card at the top of the curve in an aggro deck to clear the way (although Sap would often fill that role). I think this card will see play in Standard, but as usual, we will need to see how the meta evolves to see exactly how it fits in.

      The first thing to note about Living Mana is that it only generates 2/2s until the board is full. The rest of your mana is preserved. This opens the opportunity to play the card on turn 10 and then Savage Roar the turn after if your opponent doesn't deal with the Minions. Against that, if you play it and don't fill the board, you will have no Mana Crystals until either your opponent deals with the Minions, or you trade them off. This is an interesting card that I'm sure people will have fun trying to put into decks.
      The second half of these reveals can be read here.